The Golden Crusade Shuffler – A Shuffling Spreadsheet for Mists of Pandaria

The Golden Crusade Shuffler is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet designed to help players when shuffling ore (such as Ghost Iron Ore). The spread sheet will take sample sizes as well as purchase prices for ore and break it down into the various products of the shuffle, and tell you approximately how much gold you stand to make.

Please feel free to submit any errors you encounter, or any comments you have about the Shuffler. You can find contact information on the The Golden Crusade About page.

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The Golden Crusade Shuffler discussion on OwnedCore



Direct: Download The Golden Crusade Shuffler V1.0.1.

Google Docs: Download The Golden Crusade Shuffler V1.0.1 from Google Docs



  • Estimate your profit margins for different Mists of Pandaria ore:
  • Experiment with different amounts of transmuting, disenchanting, and more.
    • Ghost Iron Ore
    • Kyparite
    • White Trillium Ore
    • Black Trillium Ore
  • Account for Transmute Mastery and the Bountiful Bags perk.
  • Works off purchase prices you supply, and market prices provided by The Undermine Journal
  • Warns you if transmutes are worth more than the raw gems are selling for


  1. Download the latest version of the file (found towards the bottom of this page) and save it on your computer.
  2. Log into The Undermine Journal and download the Market Data for your realm in the format of your choice (XML, CSV, IQY).
  3. Insert the data file into the relevant tab (XML goes into the XML tab, CSV into the CSV tab, IQY into the IQY tab). You only need one of the three data options, and the spreadsheet will prioritize XML>CSV>IQY. For detailed instructions to insert each data type see below.
  4. Open the tab “Shuffler” and you will be presented with the main features of the spreadsheet. On this page the whole shuffling process is broken down and displays your estimated revenue. Edit the values in yellow cells to work the Shuffler.

[notice]If you’re using the spreadsheet on Google Docs you will need to first save a copy for yourself. Once that is done you will need to use File>Import to get the data in the spreadsheet. It’s recommended you use the CSV option.[/notice]


  1. Open the tab labeled “XML”
  2. Ensure cell A1 is selected
  3. Go to Data –> From Other Sources –> From XML Data Import and select the file you just downloaded
  4. If prompted select okay when Excel tells you the XML source does not refer to a schema
  5. Confirm you will be inserting XML table into existing worksheet at cell A1 (might show up as $A$1)
  6. Wait while it inserts the data, this may take a few moments
  7. You may be presented with several errors telling you some data was imported as text, ignore these and click OK


  1. Open the tab labeled “CSV”
  2. Ensure cell A1 is selected
  3. Got to Data –> From Text and select the file you just downloaded
  4. Click Next through Step 1
  5. In Step 2 uncheck Tab and check Comma; click next
  6. Confirm you will be inserting CSV data into existing worksheet at cell A1 (might show up as $A$1)


  1. Open the tab labeled “IQY”
  2. Ensure cell A1 is selected
  3. Go to Data –> From Other Sources –> From XML Data Import and select the file you just downloaded (you may have to change the box next to File Name to “All Files”
  4. Confirm you will be importing data into existing worksheet at cell A1 (may appear as $A$1)
  5. (Optional) Go to Data –> Connections select the connection you wish to edit (named <Faction>-<Realm>) and click “Properties…” Under Usage in Refresh Control you can control how often the IQY data refreshes itself

Feature Explanations

Quick breakdown of what some of the less obvious options and features do on the spreadsheet



  • Value as Sparkling Shard or Serpent’s Eye?
    • Tell the shuffler whether you want to calculate sales data based on selling Sparkling Shards or Serpent’s Eyes.
  • Sell or Disenchant blue jewellery?
    • Tells the shuffler if you want to sell the rare Ornate Band and Shadowfire Necklace procs you get, or disenchant them.
  • Cut Uncommon Gems?
    • If set to “Yes” the shuffler will calculate sales data off perfect cuts rates and sale and assume you vendor the non-perfect cuts. If “No” sells the uncommons raw.
  • Override Purchase Prices?
    • If set to yes allows you to enter your own purchase prices for Golden Lotus, Enchanting materials, Serpent’s Eye, Wild Jade, Imperial Amethyst, and Vermillion Onyx. If “No” it uses market price
  • Do you have Bountiful Bags?
    • If “Yes” takes the guild perk into account when disenchanting jewellery, if “No” uses default values.
  • Do you have transmute mastery?
    • If “Yes” takes the proc rate from transmute mastery into account. If “No” uses default values.
  • Convert?
    • If you want to make use of enchanting material conversion select “Yes” for any conversions you want to make. Conversions will only happen if it is profitable for the conversion and you’ve selected “Yes” for the conversion.

Purchase Section

The boxes in the top left corner of the spreadsheet on the Shuffler tab tells the spreadsheet, and you, everything you need to buy. Golden Lotus through Vermillion Onyx is generated automatically based on what you intend to craft. If you enable Override Purchase Prices in the options section it will use your entered purchase price for calculating cost instead of the market price. The purchase price column will turn yellow when it’s using manual purchase pricing.

Gem Results Section

The bottom left of the spreadsheet’s Shuffler tab displays the estimated gem and sparkling shard yield. This is for information purposes and is used in other calculations in the spreadsheet. Changing these values affects everything else in the spreadsheet.


The Transmute section allows you to enter values for how many rare gems you want to transmute, including Primal Diamond the meta gem. The profit column shows if that particular transmute is profitable with “Yes”, “No”, and “Kinda”. “Kinda” means the cost of the transmute materials is more than the cost of the raw gem being produced, but less than the estimated cut value. If you try and transmute more Primal Diamonds than you have gems for the spreadsheet will add the purchase price of additional Wild Jade, Imperial Amethyst, and Vermillion Onyx to the cost totals. You can see this change reflected on the left of the Shuffler tab in the purchase section. The cost column shows the price of mats used.

Serpent’s Eye Jewellery

This section lets you test crafting of the jewellery made with Serpent’s Eye. The profit column will tell you if any particular craft is profitable or not (a simple “Yes” or “No”) while the value column shows how much the crafts will sell for. If you attempt to craft more jewellery than there is Serpent’s Eyes for the shuffler will add the cost of purchasing addition Serpent’s Eyes to the total cost for the shuffler; you can see these changes accounted for in the Purchase section.


Advises you what is more profitable, selling the rare Ornate Bands and Shadowfire Necklaces or disenchanting them.


The far right section of the shuffler tab breaks down everything sold in the shuffle including information as to how many of each item and the sale value. At the bottom you will find the total purchase cost of all the items listed in the purchase section, the total sale value, the AH cut, and the profit both in gold and as a percent of cost.

Enchanting Tab

The Enchanting tab lists all the Mists of Pandaria enchants in the game. Enter how many of each scroll you would like to test crafting into the Craft column, the Profitable column advises you if that enchant is profitable. All the information to the right of the Profitable column is for calculations elsewhere in the spreadsheet.


The Ironpaw tab is used for the Ironpaw Shuffle. The boxes at the right of the page, coloured in yellow, lets you select what food items you will be turning in for Ironpaw Tokens, and what food you will be buying with the resulting Ironpaw Tokens. In the “Items to Trade In” column select the items you will be trading in from the drop down list, and in the “Items to Sell on AH” the items you will be purchasing (to then sell on the Auction House). The profit you stand to gain if you were to purchase and sell these items on the Auction House.

SoH Optimizer

On this page you are presented with all the ways you can use your Spirit of Harmony. The spreadsheet tells you what the gold value of a Spirit of Harmony is in each application. The higher the better.


  • Prospecting and Disenchanting yields use the data discussed in Results for Prospecting, Milling, and Disenchanting in Mists of Pandaria.
  • White Trillium Ore and Black Trillium Ore currently not supported due to lack of prospecting data.
  • Ore amounts are entered by the unit, not stack, due to Kyparite stacking up to 200 while the other ores stack to 20.
  • Shuffler can double as an Enchanting calculator, simply clear all the ore purchases, transmutes, and crafts
  • Most values are shown to the nearest gold, but all calculations are done to the copper.
  • The Market Value for ore is presented only for reference, the spreadsheet uses your entered purchase price for all calculations.
  • The Shuffler takes an average of all rare gem cuts, including uncut, that are at or above the price of the uncut gem when determining sale value for rare gems. The same is done for Primordial Diamonds and perfect cuts when cutting uncommon gems
  • Bountiful Bags assumes a conservative 10% extra yield, transmute mastery a 20% average yield.
  • Cells that are not highlighted for data entry are locked and have their formulas hidden. There are no passwords on the file so someone comfortable with spreadsheets can make their own tweaks.

Version History

  • Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed Sparkling Shards not counting Trillium Ore
    • Added the new Primal Diamond transmute to Spirit of Harmony Optimizer
  • Version 1.0.0
    • Added support for the Ironpaw Shuffle
    • Added Spirit of Harmony Optimizer
    • Added support for Trillium Ore (both Black Trillium Ore and White Trillium Ore)
    • Changed how the spreadsheet uses your enchanting materials – the spreadsheet now assumes you will try to use up all your enchanting materials, and if you run out will buy what you are missing
    • Minor bug fixes
  • Version 0.3.4 (Unreleased)
    • Fixed the material requirements on Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats
  • Version 0.3.3
    • Fixed a cell causing problems in Google Docs
    • Fixed a typo preventing the spreadsheet from pulling sale stats for Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats
  • Version 0.3.2
    • Fixed issue when purchasing additional gems for transmute
    • Information tab is now protected
  • Version 0.3.1
    • Cleaned up price fetching formulas
    • Fixed compatibility issues with other spreadsheet software
  • Version 0.3.0
    • Now accounts for and displays Auction House cut and profit margin
    • Added and updated Enchanting support
      • Can now calculate profits when making scrolls
      • Converts to most profitable materials to buy and sell
    • Added option for perfect cuts
    • Fixed errors collecting cut prices with CSV data
    • Data collection now prioritizes IQY>CSV>XML
    • Added/Fixed Advice
      • Now recommends whether to sell or disenchant the rare procs from Ornate Bands and Shadowfire Necklaces
      • Now advises on which Enchanting material conversions are profitable
      • Transmutes and Serpent’sEye Jewellery now tells you if the crafts are profitable or not
    • Now able to enter override purchase prices for Golden Lotus and enter a price manually (also applies to the new Enchanting materials section)
    • Cost now includes vendor items (Settings and Vellums)
    • Option to calculate for selling or disenchanting blue quality Ornate Bands and Shadowfire Necklace (advice has been added for this as well)
    • Now accounts for extra Serpent’s Eyes you have to buy
    • Fixed logic for how many Ornate Bands and Shadowfire Necklaces you can craft
    • Improved Ghost Iron Ore prospecting table with data from larger sample size
    • Housekeeping
      • Removed sneaky pesky XML maps so you should no longer get XML errors
      • Cleaned up a bunch of convoluted formulas
  • Version 0.2.3
    • Fixed enchanting materials having incorrect prices
    • Added option to value on Sparkling Shards or Serpent’s Eye
  • Version 0.2.2
    • Fixed Golden Lotuses not being accounted for since 0.2.0
    • Fixed bug with one of the advice options
  • Version 0.2.1
    • Fixed bugs with Enchanting material market values
    • Fixed Primal Diamond not taking updated Transmute Mastery update from 0.2.0 into affect
  • Version 0.2.0
    • Added support for jewellery crafted with Serpent’s Eyes
    • Added options for collecting market values from CSV and IQY from The Undermine Journal
    • Rearranged and cleaned up several sections
    • Changed transmute mastery bonus to 20% (up from 10%)
  • Version 0.1.1
    • Fixed rare gem totals not accounting for primal diamond transmutes
    • Fixed transmutes not accounting for Transmute Master
  • Version 0.1.0
    • Release


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  1. Argnor

    How can I get this working with Undermine’s CSV files? (There’s no XML import on Excel for Mac).

    1. Eric Dekker

      Hmmm I didn’t realize mac couldn’t use xml. You should be able to use CSV as well as long as the columns end up the same. Try it with CSV and if not I’ll come up with a work around or Mac version

    2. Eric Dekker

      Alright so I looked into CSV and all the data I need is there, so it’s doable, two issues though. First, you would have to start the insert at E1 instead of A1, and you’d have to ensure that the item ID doesn’t get entered as a date time stamp like it did when I imported it. I’ll try and get a CSV native version, but until then that work around should suffice

  2. paxdruid

    How hard would it be to set this up in open document rather than Excel?

    1. Eric Dekker

      Not too sure, never worked with Open Document before, I shall look into it

  3. Tordenflesk

    Making it a Google spreadsheet and implementing this would make this a thousand times better:

    1. Eric Dekker

      Problem with that is people would have to download it anyways, but I’ll look into it

      1. The Gold Queen

        I’d love it if you could, because I’m not the only one who doesn’t have Excel

        1. Eric Dekker

          It’s now on Google Docs :)

  4. Carlos Santiago

    Can you make a video tutorial on how to do this please.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Videos aren’t really my thing but I think is working on a vid

  5. Lelia

    I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but when I enter values for gems to transmute, the cost for the golden lotus does not get figured into the total cost.

    How do you calculate the value of the uncommon gems? Do you convert them into perfect cuts or just use the market value?

    I’m seriously scratching my head about this right now…

    1. Eric Dekker

      Just fixed the Golden Lotus issue.

      Uncommon gems use market value, it skips over the perfect cuts due to inherent issues with perfect cuts and shuffling

      1. Lelia

        Thanks a lot for taking the time to develop the spreadsheet!

        It’s already looking great and it takes a lot out of the guesswork around the new shuffle.

        I’ve checked the fix for the golden lotus cost, but along the way I came upon a different issue.

        For testing purposes, I’ve disabled bountiful bags and transmute spec and put in 100 ghost iron ore to process. That way I get 1 rare gem of each color.

        But the sale value column does not have the same numbers as the prices tab. First col. is the sale value, second col. is the number from the prices tab.

        red 312 271,9058
        yellow 174 173,56
        blue 243 142
        green 357 216,71
        purple 391 295
        orange 320 289,008

        Are you using different pricing data for crafting cost and sale value or is there anything else I am missing?

        Regarding the golden lotus cost, I’ve noticed that the value column in the transmute box does not update if I switch transmute spec on and off. The total sale value and profit figures do, however.

        1. Lelia


          Please disregard the part about the sale value of the gems. I just re-read the instructions page and found out that you are averaging in the most profitable gem cuts.

  6. Zoey

    Any chance on getting the format to work with LUA? TSM has an updater that pulls data from WoWuction every hour, puts it into an LUA file, and a simple /reloadui ingame loads the latest data. If you could get it to work with LUA, it’d help keep the data that much more current.

    This would probably be a large project, maybe something for the long term? Otherwise, great sheet, thanks!

    1. Eric Dekker

      Wouldn’t make a difference, you’re basically just getting the data from WoWuction which can’t get their snapshots any quicker than TUJ. I like WoWuction but supporting both is just getting bloated and more people use TUJ already so barrier to entry is lower.

  7. Zothen

    I am using the latest version of the spreadsheet v 0.2.2

    If you unhide the Background sheet, the four cell references for Enchanting Material Value are pointing to the wrong source cells. They are pointing to C28, C29, C30, and C31 when I am pretty sure they should be pointing to C31, C32, C33, and C34 instead.

    The previous version of the spreadsheet had a similar problem, although you seem to have reorganized the Prices sheet a little bit between the two versions so the exact cell references aren’t the same.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll take a look when I get home today. So many things got jumbled when I added CSV/IQY :(

    2. Eric Dekker

      Fixed it in 0.2.3, check it out :)

  8. Megan

    Is it possible to add in scrolls? Showing which scrolls to make , which not to make out of all the new ones?

    1. Eric Dekker

      That’s not a bad idea, but probably for a different spreadsheet. I’ll think on it, thanks for the idea

    2. Eric Dekker

      V0.3.0 now has support for scrolls :P

  9. Megan

    Np! Thts what I have been doing with the ore… I feel like I’m making more money tht way, but I suck at the numbers so I am not really sure. I know they are all selling like crazy, but it would be nice to know if its profitable bc just looking at Undermine and telling me that buying the mats to make them is profitable, isnt really making me understand if buying the ore is profitable.

  10. Hank

    If you use wowhead’s prospecting data, you can incorporate more accurate percentage’s and they have about 800 prospects of black/white trillium ore each. I modified the spreadsheet to now use trillium.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’m actually surprised how little data they have. But here’s the problem it shows that it has a, for example, 19% chance of producing 1-2 River’s Heart but that doesn’t actually tell me what the true yield is.

      1. Hank

        If you scroll over the percentage, it gives you the breakdown of how many percent were 1 and how many were 2.

        But yes, there is not a lot of data on trillium prospects.

  11. Quinn

    Looking at the ‘Prices’ tab, it looks like the formulas are only referencing the CSV and IQY tabs, not XML. Is that intended?

    1. Eric Dekker

      Hmm definitely not intended if true. Have you tried entering XML data and see of it populates the prices tab?

  12. Colin

    I noticed that Primal Diamond cuts aren’t taken into account. Would be nice to have since I have an alchemist who’s capable of transmuting them and Cut them on my main

    1. Eric Dekker

      They are taken into account in the summary section where it shows you how much the batch you’ve crafted will sell for

      1. Colin

        Its showing 0 despite a few cuts being profitable. I have Transmute spec option enabled

        1. Eric Dekker

          What exactly is showing zero? Have you entered purchase prices for the ore and put the data in the right tab?

          1. Colin

            Yes I have it set to buy 200 Ghost Iron Ore (including the actual purchase price column). I have chosen to Transmute 1 Primal Diamond. However the Sale value of the cut diamond is showing 0 and remaining Primal Diamond is 1

          2. Colin

            It seems that if you use CSV then the Hidden Cuts Tab isnt getting any of the actual cut gem prices, there all at 0. I tired using IQY and it worked fine

          3. Eric Dekker

            Sorry for the long delay. I just released V0.3.0 which fixed the issue with CSV, thanks for pointing it out :)

  13. Vinh

    After importing my CSV file, on my Shuffle tab, I’m getting #DIV/0! errors in all the cells in my “Profitable?” column for “Transmute” and for half of the cells in that same column for Serpent’s Eye Jewellery. It’s also showing up under the “Sale Value” column for blue quality gems and also for “Sale”, “AH Cut”, and “Profit” at the end of the spreadsheet. I checked the “Prices” tab and the same thing is happening in the “Cut” column as well.

    I imported the data in A1 in the CSV tab just like I had been doing with 0.2.3. Is it possible that the data that I downloaded from TUJ was bad? I will try again with a newer CSV file and see, but do you know what the problem could possibly be?

    Thanks, and great work.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Could you try unhiding the Cuts tab and tell me if there’s any errors there? Also what do your J9 and J12 cells say on the shuffler tab? Does changing them remove the errors?

      If you’re using excel you can right click an existing tab and select Unhide.. and chose which tabs to unhide

      1. Vinh

        I unhid the Cuts tab and saw no errors there. J9 is currently “No” and when I changed it to “Yes” the #DIV/0! showed up in the cells in the “Profit?” column under Serpent’s Eye Jewellery where they were not already present. Changing J12 did not make any changes.

        (sorry for the accidental double post)

        1. Eric Dekker

          I honestly don’t know what to say, I don’t see how it’s possible to get a #Div/0! error in the prices tab, especially if the cuts tab isn’t spitting up any errors. Try redownloading the spreadsheet and the CSV data?

          1. Vinh

            Damn… thanks anyways.

            So I re-downloaded the spreadsheet as well as new data but had no better luck, but I did just notice that the #DIV/0! errors are there (in the Prices tab) before I even import the data. I’m currently using this spreadsheet with the Mac version of Excel if that makes any difference. Will try on PC shortly and let you know how it goes.

          2. Eric Dekker

            Oh okay it might be a problem with Mac then. Unfortunately I don’t have a Google Docs version available yet, something’s screwing up in the conversion process. Now that I think of it it might be related to the issue you’re having, maybe a formula I’m using doesn’t translate well?

          3. Vinh

            lol… so upgrading from Office 2008 to Office 2011 solved everything. thanks!

  14. Caplista

    On the Shuffler page, cells B15:B17 (and maybe others around there?) the sign on the references to H20, H21 and H22 is wrong, no?

    You’re trying to calculate how many stones you need to purchase, you want to subtract the number made from transmuting?

    1. Eric Dekker

      Huh, you are quite right of course, I wonder how that slipped by :/

    2. Eric Dekker

      You used a throw away email address but I’ll leave this for future readers:
      Fix’d this issue in 0.3.2 thanks for pointing it out

  15. Brian

    Does this work with Openoffice? Also if it does then I can’t seem to import the XML file because it keeps open it up in writer and not in the actual tab and the XML file says the maximum # of rows have been exceeded and not all the data is imported.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’m afraid I’ve never used OpenOffice and can’t really offer much help here. Try CSV maybe?

  16. Brian

    Couldn’t I technically paste the xml file instead of importing it? or would that mess it up?

    1. Eric Dekker

      It shouldn’t make a difference, so long as the data ends up in the right spot

  17. Sun

    0.3.1 isnt working for me atm, SALE, AH Cut, and Profit fields error out.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Is it giving you a specific error?

  18. Tashi

    Hey – Just wanted to let you know that the google docs link isn’t working currently, maybe you can look into it?

    1. Eric Dekker

      Sorry about that, fix’d

  19. Alex

    I seem to be having an issue with the imported data. The pricing is off. For example:

    Wild Jade
    Remaining: 176
    Sale Value: 26158
    Price per : 148.625
    Actual price on website: 73.9
    Actual mean on website: 70.51

    I searched for a specific cut to see if the price matches, but it doesn’t . There are cuts higher and lower in price.

    However, the Price Per matches the Actual Price on website on the left side of the spread sheet in the “Market Price (gold)” column.

    Tried it for another gem and got this:

    River’s Heart
    Remaining: 196
    Sale Value: 18992
    Price per: 96.9
    Actual Price on website: 90.6
    Actual Mean on website: 38.26

    So, the price is right, but I don’t know if using the mean would be a better estimate.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Eric Dekker

      For rare gems to get the value I average the price of the uncut gem with cuts that sell for as much as or more than the uncut. So for example if you had Primordial Rubies and only the Bold and Delicate cuts sold for more than the uncut, then the spreadsheet would use the average price of the uncut, Bold, and Delicate Primordial Rubies.

  20. jimmyolsenblues

    How do I tell it I want to take 30 uncommon gems + one spirit of harmony into a primal diamond.
    I see the Transmute Primal Diamond Section, but I think that is for alchemy.

    I want to know where to enter the JC receipe of 5 of each color + spirit of harmony into a Primal diamond.

    Thanks Eric, you are the best!

    1. Eric Dekker

      Because of the Spirit of Harmony requirement I left it out of the main shuffler. According to WoWhead the new Primal Diamond is a JC recipe, so I stuck it in the JC section of the SoH Optimizer. The SoHO is different from the main shuffler tab, the SoHO is just interested in telling you the best way for you to spend your Spirit of Harmony

  21. shifty

    Hi, I know that MOP is drawing to a close, but I was curious, would it be possible to add a way to determine if its better to shuffle or xmute the ore into Trillium Bars?

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’m unfortunately not playing right now, so I wouldn’t know how to go about this, sorry

  22. Troggy

    How long should it take the CSV file to import into the spreadsheet. It’s been “importing” for about 20 minutes now.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Sorry for the late reply. It should only take a few moments, the CSV files aren’t that big. Might be a glitch, did you end up getting it sorted?

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