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WoW Insider is Dead, Long Live Blizzard Watch


So unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week or so, you’ve undoubtedly heard that AOL shut down WoW Insider. The news was not taken well, and even got WoW Insider trending on Twitter. Good news is that a lot of the crew that brought us WoW Insider has started a new site, …

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Community Blog Topic: My Favourite and Least Favourite Expansions

This week, Robin Torres of WoW Insider asks, What’s your most and least favorite expansions? I am a Wrath baby; I didn’t even reach 80 for the first time until around the release of ICC. I can’ remember where exactly in the patch timeline I finally dinged 80, but I remember during a bit of …

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Cross Realm Auction Houses?

Earlier today on WoW Insider Anne Stickney asked if we need cross-realm auction house, and it’s an idea that’s been floated around in the last couple of months. The supporters of such a move see it as a way to revive dying servers and their economies. The idea is, much like cross-realm zones, the more …

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