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Gold Making Communities/Resources You Should be Aware Of

As a follow up to the launch of the WoW Gold Making community on Google+, I figured I’d mention some other communities and/or resources I recommend. The Consortium The consortium is a great forum for discussing gold making and asking questions (literally, it is mostly a forum). It also includes #theconsortium on Quakenet. The fine …

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Have You Joined /r/WoWEconomy Yet?

From the makers of /r/WoW comes the brand new subreddit /r/WoWEconomy. If you haven’t checked it out yet I highly suggest you do. Know many of you that use Reddit may be thinking “Wtf, another gold making subreddit?” but there’s good reason for this subreddit. The mods at /r/WoW noticed the division in the gold …

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