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Why I’m Not Using the Remote Auction House

This post is a submission for Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival for the month of September (2012). The topic of this months carnival is “The Remote Auction House – Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Love or Hate It?” Just a short post this morning as I realized that I hadn’t made a submission yet for Cold’s Carnival (Have …

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WoW Gold Blogger Live Hangout: August 26, 2012 – Notes and Recap

We had yet another sucessfull live WoW Gold Blogger Google+ Hangout today (Sunday, August 26th, 2012). This time in attendance we had (alongside myself): @SexyJedi of Gold Shields @Sapu94 creator of TradeSkillMaster @MarcusTy of Gold Blog of Marcus Ty Alto of Alto’s Goldish Advise I’ve embedded the video below for those who haven’t seen it …

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