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Weekend? What Weekend?


This is just a bit of a life update, so feel free to skip this, it’s pretty boring, writing crap down just helps organize my thoughts. As the title suggest, I don’t have much of a weekend. I spent several hours today at the college helping out with the college’s preview day, and am going …

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Taking Stock As We Enter Mists of Pandaria

Back towards the beginning of August (holy crap that seems such a long time ago already) I made a to-do list for Mists of Pandaria. Since then I made several other posts about my preparation for Mists of Pandaria. Here are some of the more pertinent ones for your viewing pleasure incase you missed them …

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Writing for the Sake of Writing

As some of you who follow my twitter might have already heard, last week over my reading week my keyboard broke. And when I say it broke, I meant I fried it…by cleaning it. The keyboard was a Zboard with a removable keyset that can be washed fairly easily. Last Monday (I think it was …

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