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Prospecting Rates Updated With Black and White Trillium Ore


My Prospecting Rates page has been updated to include new data on Black and White Trillium Ores. The two Trillium Ores show marked increases in yield of rare gems, with noticeably smaller uncommon gem yields. For those interested, below is the raw data from my prospecting tests. I will update the prospecting tables with more …

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Is the Shuffle Profitable Yet in Mists of Pandaria? (Spoilers: Yes It Is)

I’ve read that many players are avoiding the shuffle right now claiming it is in profitable, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Right now the shuffle is very profitable and everyone who’s interested in gold making should be doing it right now. Don’t let the high gold cost of ore right now deter …

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Results for Prospecting, Milling, and Disenchanting in Mists of Pandaria


Over the last several days I’ve spent an unfortunate amount of gold buying up ore and herbs and processing it just to gather some usable results for prospecting, milling, and disenchanting. I already stealth updated the Prospecting Rates page with yields from Ghost Iron Ore and Kyparite, and I have now also updated the Milling …

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Preliminary Prospecting Results From Mists of Pandaria Beta


So today before the Beta server shut down I started buying some ore and prospecting to double check the prospecting rate incase they changed significantly from the Cataclysm example. I only got through 31 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore but figured I’d post my preliminary results anyways. Anyone who’d like to help submit further results …

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