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Racial Profession Bonuses Need to Go


When I was starting out in World of Warcraft one of the reasons I picked Jewelcrafting was due to the profession bonus. My Paladin was a Draenei so he had the racial bonus Gemcutting which gave me a +10 to Jewelcrafting, which I thought was just fantastic. Draenei aren’t the only race to get a …

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Arranging Professions: A Case Study (Part 1)

As I’m sitting here recovering data from a crashed RAID drive (yes again, shutup) I decided I’d think about what characters and professions I will be going into the Mists of Pandaria launch and decided we might as well make a case study out of it, kill two birds with one stone and what-not. I’ll …

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Poking Around Beta Jewelcrafting

Mists of Pandaria Prospecting Results

[notice]Prospecting and Milling Results from Live can now be found on their respective pages: Prospecting Rates Milling Results [/notice] So finally got around to actually doing some beta testing (shocking right?) and thought I’d share my thoughts and observations so far. First, as of this latest patch at least, it’s possible to get to max …

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Preliminary Prospecting Results From Mists of Pandaria Beta


[notice]Prospecting and Milling Results from Live can now be found on their respective pages: Prospecting Rates Milling Results [/notice] So today before the Beta server shut down I started buying some ore and prospecting to double check the prospecting rate incase they changed significantly from the Cataclysm example. I only got through 31 stacks of …

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Patch Week–Day 6

Aren’t you glad this week is almost over? I’m sure you are all tired of the rapid fire posts I’ve been doing. I figured though I’ve gone this far I can’t stop now! Previous Patch Week Posts: And the Dust Kicks Up (I really do apologise for this terrible title, more on that later) Patch …

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Now Everyone is Going to Want to be a Blacksmith


A little bird on the Consortium IRC mentioned to me today that the fine folks at Blizzard rolled back their changes to Jewelcrafting’s profession bonus to their release levels, and still haven’t touched the other professions at all. What this means is, once 4.3 rolls out, Blacksmiths will be able to equip 2 more epic …

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