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New Pets and Mounts Crafted By Professions


Note: All images used in this post courtesy of WoWhead.com Mists of Pandaria is bringing a slew of changes to professions and the general game, and one of such changes is the addition of several mounts and pets craftable by professions. The following professions get new pets and/or mounts: Engineering Jewelcrafting Inscription With the new …

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Mists of Pandaria Stockpile

Pets and Mounts Stockpile

Just thought I’d fire off a quick post to talk about my stockpiling efforts. I’ve decided to use the nifty tool http://goblinventory.com to display my current inventory. I say stockpile but there’s some just plain inventory in there that I haven’t gotten rid of yet, but the obvious stuff is stockpile. See my current stockpile …

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What Do You Mean I Have Too Much Ink? (Also: More MoP Preperation)


One of the few things I’ve been doing in preparation for Mists of Pandaria is building up a reserve of ink so I can continue to exploit today’s cheap herb prices well into the expansion, or so I hope at least. Currently I have 8633 Blackfallow Ink and 452 Ink of the Sea, and while …

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Mists of Pandaria New Pet System

According to recent information released in last weekend’s BlizzCon, the dev team at Blizzard are planning on introducing a mini-game revolving around the not-so-non-combat pets. You’ll be able to take up to 3 pets into battle, level, and more. For me this has been the most interesting aspect of Mists of Pandaria in terms of …

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Why the New Pet Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

One of the big news items everyone is talking about lately is the new Guardian Club pet Blizzard announced they are going to be released soon. For the unaware, Blizzard has decided to release a new pet to their pet store for the standard $10 USD. There are two key differences between this pet and …

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