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Arranging Professions: A Case Study (Part 1)

As I’m sitting here recovering data from a crashed RAID drive (yes again, shutup) I decided I’d think about what characters and professions I will be going into the Mists of Pandaria launch and decided we might as well make a case study out of it, kill two birds with one stone and what-not. I’ll …

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More Yield Results: Milling, Disenchanting, Perfect Cuts


[notice]Prospecting and Milling Results from Live can now be found on their respective pages: Prospecting Rates Milling Results [/notice] I used up the last of my resources on the Beta to do some basic testing for Milling, Disenchanting, and Perfect Cuts. I only tested the jewellery from Jewelcrafting in my disenchanting table as I figured …

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Poking Around Beta Jewelcrafting

Mists of Pandaria Prospecting Results

[notice]Prospecting and Milling Results from Live can now be found on their respective pages: Prospecting Rates Milling Results [/notice] So finally got around to actually doing some beta testing (shocking right?) and thought I’d share my thoughts and observations so far. First, as of this latest patch at least, it’s possible to get to max …

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To-do List for Mists of Pandaria

I must admit I’ve been slacking quite a bit, taking a fair amount of time off in the pre expansion slump but I’m slowly making my way back, and I’ve realized I have a whole lot of stuff to do before Mists of Pandaria lands this September. While new expansions are always exciting I’ve never …

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Preliminary Prospecting Results From Mists of Pandaria Beta


[notice]Prospecting and Milling Results from Live can now be found on their respective pages: Prospecting Rates Milling Results [/notice] So today before the Beta server shut down I started buying some ore and prospecting to double check the prospecting rate incase they changed significantly from the Cataclysm example. I only got through 31 stacks of …

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My First Impressions of Mists of Pandaria Beta

I feel like a terrible Beta tester, here I am with “exclusive” access to the new Mists of Pandaria Beta, and I have no urge to do any real testing. This past week I finally got around to tinkering a bit with the Beta, mostly just played a Pandaran until we got to Stormwind. I’ll …

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Black Market Auction House

I assume by now everyone and their donkey has heard already, but MMO-Champion has revealed information on a new Black Market Auction House. Go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already, I’ll wait here. Read it through? Good. Pretty wicked eh? Some important details about the new Black Market Auction House: Auctions are …

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Pre Expansion Slump

Yes, yes I know I haven’t written anything gold related, or WoW related for that matter, in way too long. To be honest I’ve still been a bit apathetic towards the game, honestly if it wasn’t for the fact I succumbed to the annual pass, I would have probably dropped WoW by now. But I …

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Problems With the Current Gem Colour Arrangements

My apologies for the length between posts, my new schedule has kind of thrown my in a tizzy and I’m still adjusting. Never fear, I’m still alive and kicking! One of the largest problems with the shuffle is the huge difference in demand and price between the red gems and the lesser used colours like …

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We Need a New Vendor Mount in Mists of Pandaria

This post is a submission for Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival for the month of January (2012). The topic of this months carnival is “If you could add 1 item or feature to the Mists of Pandaria expansion, what would it be and why?” One of the main reasons I got into gold making back in …

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