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Fith tab in my guild bank during the server transfer

After some delays, my  move to my new server finally went down last Wednesday. I ended up taking 3 characters and one guild bank, all filled to the brim. I honestly don’t know how I moved the last time without Guild Faction and Server Transfers. I unfortunately continued business as usual right up until the …

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Setbacks and Time Investments


Today was supposed to be the day. Today was supposed to be fun. Today was supposed to be the day I set forth for a brave new world, , strike forth from my current server, to find greener pastures at another. This did not happen. I was all set, I had everything packed up, I …

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Blizzard Announces Guild Faction and Server Transfers

Blizzard released today information about the upcoming Guild Services which will be demo’d on select realms “in the coming days and weeks”. The two most goblins will be interested will be the Guild Master Faction Change, and Guild Master Realm Transfer, which for $40 or $35 (respectively), and a $10 discount if you do both, …

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