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Playing Catch Up


So I have a bit of a dirty secret, I haven’t really been playing World of Warcraft since before Mists of Pandaria hit. I mean, it took me forever to get a level 90 (not a lot of game time, just a lot of calendar time) and when I did hit 90 I just kind …

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In Which I Finally Complete a Recruit-A-Friend Pair

New Roster

Last time World of Warcraft went on sale I decided to take advantage of it to get myself a second account (well, fourth technically). So I recruited myself, bought the new battle chest (includes Wrath of the Lich King) and went on my way to level a Hunter and Warrior pair.After I got the two …

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Not Enough Time in the Day

What I like most about my expansion experience so far is that there has been so much to do, and not a single one of them has been the “right” thing to do. Lately I’ve been leveling a monk (Pandaren of course, shame on all you who have anything but a Pandaren monk) and have …

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