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Value and Cost

There seems to be a bad habit in the gold making community where many players seem to confuse what an item costs and what it’s value or worth is. Unfortunately this isn’t just contained in the digital world, many people get confused by this in the real world as well, so throughout this post I’ll …

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Creating Starting Capital

I was hanging out with Jim of Power Word: Gold the other day on his gold making live stream and one of the questions one of the views posed was how to get the initial starting capital to begin your goblin empire. We of course answered the question on the stream (at least I think …

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Patch Week–Day 5 (Industrial Disease)

Day 5 and I’m starved of supplies, I’ve increased by buying price for Obsidium and Elementium Ore to 90g/stack, and I still can’t get enough. All I can say was I was completely not prepared for this patch. I partially blame it on the face that the new server I’m on has at least 4 …

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Economy of Scale

Saddle Bags

In many industries it becomes cheaper to produce an item as the volume of production increases, and they will often pass on these savings (or in some cases the increased expensive of producing smaller) on to you, so you save money when you buy in bulk. Of course in World of Warcraft our prices are …

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