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Poking Around Beta Jewelcrafting

Mists of Pandaria Prospecting Results

[notice]Prospecting and Milling Results from Live can now be found on their respective pages: Prospecting Rates Milling Results [/notice] So finally got around to actually doing some beta testing (shocking right?) and thought I’d share my thoughts and observations so far. First, as of this latest patch at least, it’s possible to get to max …

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Preliminary Prospecting Results From Mists of Pandaria Beta


[notice]Prospecting and Milling Results from Live can now be found on their respective pages: Prospecting Rates Milling Results [/notice] So today before the Beta server shut down I started buying some ore and prospecting to double check the prospecting rate incase they changed significantly from the Cataclysm example. I only got through 31 stacks of …

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Problems With the Current Gem Colour Arrangements

My apologies for the length between posts, my new schedule has kind of thrown my in a tizzy and I’m still adjusting. Never fear, I’m still alive and kicking! One of the largest problems with the shuffle is the huge difference in demand and price between the red gems and the lesser used colours like …

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Patch Week–Day 5 (Industrial Disease)

Day 5 and I’m starved of supplies, I’ve increased by buying price for Obsidium and Elementium Ore to 90g/stack, and I still can’t get enough. All I can say was I was completely not prepared for this patch. I partially blame it on the face that the new server I’m on has at least 4 …

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Patch Week–Day 4 (Also, Important Upcoming Dates)

Sales have really slowed down these last two days, but there are a few more important dates I hope will boost sales again: First Weekend of the Patch This weekend will be the first days many players will have to fully experience the new content. Such players will be subjecting themselves to as much patchy …

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Patch Week–Day 3

Ding! 500k! Ya ya I know what you’re thinking – “What, my favourite gold blogger only recently hit half a million?” Yea I know I have surprisingly low capital for a gold blogger. Oh well, my writing is still good right? …..right? Bought a bunch of Queen’s Garnets to cut and flip last night for …

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Patch Week – Day 2


Woke up this morning to 39.7k gold in my mailbox, not too shabby I thought. It’s rather unfortunate that Inferno Rubies are only up 50g despite the fact they are flying off the shelves. Enchants are flying off the shelves still, raiding mats (potions, elixirs, flasks) are moving quickly, and non-red gem sales are up …

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And The Dust Kicks Up

So luckily my Construction Management professor cancelled class today so I was at my computer when 4.3. launched (no really, it was cancelled! I’s gots pics! Hmmm, maybe my prof plays WoW :P). I had completely forgotten about the Tyrael’s Charger I was set to receive since I signed up the the World of Warcraft …

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Last Minute Preparations for Patch 4.3. Hour of Twilight

UPDATE: Looks like Patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight is going live this Tuesday As the Hour of Twilight approaches goblins are scrambling to get the most bang for their buck out of this patch. The two expected release dates for 4.3 are November 29th or December 6th depending on who you ask, and both of …

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Supply and Demand: Patch 4.3 Edition

Patch 4.3 seems to be right around the corner, and everyone is in a huff about it. As a goblin this is the final stretch to get your inventory ready for the patch changes and demand/supply swings. There are a few key changes this patch which will effect supply and demand of several key markets: …

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