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What’s Been Selling?


So I’ve never done one of these before, but ever since I wrote the guide to Saving TradeSkillMaster Data in a Database I’ve been wanting too. I decided to pull all the sales data since Mists of Pandaria launched and see what’s going on. Here are the results: Unfortunately, these numbers aren’t too impressive, it …

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20 Days of Gold Making: Day 6–Which Market Has Made You the Most Gold Over the Years?

This is a bit tricky as I treat most of my professions as set it and forget it, I usually don’t pay much attention once I have it figured out and TradeSkillMaster is running the show. There’s basically only four markets I’m in right now, and have been in fairly consistently over my gold making …

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Version 0.3.0 of The Golden Crusade Shuffler

Download the latest version of The Golden Crusade Shuffler After a hectic week I’ve managed to finally get The Golden Crusade Shuffler updated to V0.3.0 which includes the following changes Now accounts for and displays Auction House cut and profit margin Added and updated Enchanting support Can now calculate profits when making scrolls Converts to …

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Did Blizzard Balance Gem Colours Properly in Mists of Pandaria?


Back in January of this year I wrote about how the colour arrangements for gems needed an adjustment. Seems the folks at Blizzard must be on the same wavelength because when Mists of Pandaria rolled out I was thrilled to see many more options for using up those pesky gems that just never seem to …

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Updates to The Golden Crusade Shuffler

As of writing the current version of The Golden Crusade Shuffler is V0.2.3 Since I released the shuffler Sunday I’ve made a series of changes, some of them bug fixes, some of them feature requests (and a good deal of bugs introduced when adding the new features). Since release the changes look like this: [Bug …

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Announcing The Golden Crusade Shuffler – A Shuffling Spreadsheet for Mists of Pandaria

As I promised in Is the Shuffle Profitable in Mists of Pandaria? (Spoilers: Yes It Is) I have put together a spreadsheet to help aid players making gold with the shuffle in Mists of Pandaria. You can find the download as well as detailed instructions, features, and revision history on the new page I made …

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Is the Shuffle Profitable Yet in Mists of Pandaria? (Spoilers: Yes It Is)

[notice]The Prospecting Rates page has been updated for all the Mists of Pandaria ore, including Ghost Iron Ore, Kyparite, and Black and White Trillium Ore[/notice] [notice]Want to know more about the Shuffle? Read What Exactly is the Shuffle?[/notice] I’ve read that many players are avoiding the shuffle right now claiming it is in profitable, but …

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Results for Prospecting, Milling, and Disenchanting in Mists of Pandaria


Over the last several days I’ve spent an unfortunate amount of gold buying up ore and herbs and processing it just to gather some usable results for prospecting, milling, and disenchanting. I already stealth updated the Prospecting Rates page with yields from Ghost Iron Ore and Kyparite, and I have now also updated the Milling …

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New Pets and Mounts Crafted By Professions


Note: All images used in this post courtesy of WoWhead.com Mists of Pandaria is bringing a slew of changes to professions and the general game, and one of such changes is the addition of several mounts and pets craftable by professions. The following professions get new pets and/or mounts: Engineering Jewelcrafting Inscription With the new …

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More Yield Results: Milling, Disenchanting, Perfect Cuts


[notice]Prospecting and Milling Results from Live can now be found on their respective pages: Prospecting Rates Milling Results [/notice] I used up the last of my resources on the Beta to do some basic testing for Milling, Disenchanting, and Perfect Cuts. I only tested the jewellery from Jewelcrafting in my disenchanting table as I figured …

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