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Mists of Pandaria Stockpile

Pets and Mounts Stockpile

Just thought I’d fire off a quick post to talk about my stockpiling efforts. I’ve decided to use the nifty tool http://goblinventory.com to display my current inventory. I say stockpile but there’s some just plain inventory in there that I haven’t gotten rid of yet, but the obvious stuff is stockpile. See my current stockpile …

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Economy of Scale

Saddle Bags

In many industries it becomes cheaper to produce an item as the volume of production increases, and they will often pass on these savings (or in some cases the increased expensive of producing smaller) on to you, so you save money when you buy in bulk. Of course in World of Warcraft our prices are …

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Material and Inventory Management


I brought up an interesting topic Friday that I breezed over that I would like to explore some more, the topic was Bulk Material Handling which I mentioned in Stockpiles, Backlogs, and Inventory, and I think it opens up to an interesting topic related to our exploits in World of Warcraft: Material and Inventory Management. …

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Stockpiles, Backlogs, and Inventory


It’s amazing how quickly materials can back up in your mailbox awaiting processing. Right now I’ve still got 7,000 elementium ore in my mailbox waiting to get prospected, and even as the ore sits stationary in my mailbox, I buy more off the auction house, which then gets poured into the mailbox on top of …

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