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When to Start Saving for a Future Patch

I was going to name this post When to Start Stockpiling, but in the wake of my recent post picking apart the word stockpile, I opted for a more descriptive title. For clarity when I say stockpile in this article I will be referring to the act of hoarding goods in the hopes for future …

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Report: World of Warcraft Gold Survey

Years of Play Vs Deviation From Sample

[notice]You can find more information about this project and links to the most recent results on the World of Warcraft Gold Survey page.[/notice] The results are in from the World of Warcraft Gold Survey, and I’d like to thank all that participated, in all 2,531 usable results were collected! The survey has produced interesting results …

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Where Real World Economics Meet World of Warcraft (and then abruptly crash and burn)

Something I’ve noticed from my time crawling the gold blog-o-sphere is that so many ideas and discussions spawn from correlations people make between the ingame World of Warcraft economy and the economy of the real world. And you can’t blame them, so many theories, principles, tactics etc. from real world economics work perfectly, and sometimes …

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What Kind of a Force Are Goblins in a Server’s Economy?

Those of us who enjoy playing the gold and auction house sub-game in World of Warcraft (lets just keep calling ourselves goblins shall we?) receive all kinds of flak for what we do. The simple act of owning more than 1,000g seems to incite rage amongst some people that throw around claims we’re all gold …

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