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The Bot Shuffle


Yesterday on the WoW Gold Blogger Hangout one of our listeners/viewers, Flarbish of Gnomish Gold, picked up on something I said. As I was describing the relationship between bots, gold sellers, players, and goblins like us he noted that it sounds like a shuffle, and I realized, yea, it is pretty much. Specifically I was …

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Google+ Hangout: Recap, Corrections, and Further Speculation

Yesterday (August 19, 2012) I got together with a bunch of fellow bloggers for the third WoW Gold Blogger On Air Hangout. This week besides myself we had: @SexyJedi a.k.a. Brandon of Gold Shields who organized this Hangout and the previous ones @NevAHAddict of Auction House Addict @ssmith091 a.k.a. Cold of Cold’s Gold Factory Gimp …

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Saving TradeSkillMaster Data In A Database


In my last post I mentioned that I might be clearing out my TSM data in preparation for Mists of Pandaria. The other day I asked my twitter followers “Informal Survey: Will you be clearing your auction house data for MoP or 5.0.4?” and the results were a bit mixed. One suggestion by @Twitchietgw @Xsinthis …

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Value and Cost

There seems to be a bad habit in the gold making community where many players seem to confuse what an item costs and what it’s value or worth is. Unfortunately this isn’t just contained in the digital world, many people get confused by this in the real world as well, so throughout this post I’ll …

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Of Bots, Dupes, and Ethics

So I’ve had this idea rattling around my head for a few days now but Jim Younkin’s post today on Strong Evidence of Rampant Item Duplication in WoW was kind of the final stick pulled in a game of KerPlunk…yes I just likened my head to a plastic tube filled with marbles, shut up. I’ve …

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Black Market Auction House

I assume by now everyone and their donkey has heard already, but MMO-Champion has revealed information on a new Black Market Auction House. Go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already, I’ll wait here. Read it through? Good. Pretty wicked eh? Some important details about the new Black Market Auction House: Auctions are …

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Problems With “Do This Don’t Do That” Posts

As many have noted, I tend to shy away from guide like posts, gold making strategies, basically anything that I might have to stick a Your Mileage May Vary on it. There are several reasons on this, one of which is that at this stage of an expansion pretty much every gold making tip, strategy, …

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Farming: The 8th Deadly Sin

Someone on the Consortium IRC quipped the other day (and I really apologize I don’t remember who said it) that farming in World of Warcraft is the 8th deadly sin. This is a sentiment shared by many in the gold making community and though frankly I can see where they are coming from, I find …

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Review – WoWuction

Seasonality Icon WoWuction

WoWuction is a neat little sight that’s been pointed out to me twice now, so I thought I’d take a peak and see what was up. Alto unfortunately beat me too it as I had started this article and set it aside for crunch time. So, at the cost of blowing off a mechanics presentation, …

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Now Everyone is Going to Want to be a Blacksmith


A little bird on the Consortium IRC mentioned to me today that the fine folks at Blizzard rolled back their changes to Jewelcrafting’s profession bonus to their release levels, and still haven’t touched the other professions at all. What this means is, once 4.3 rolls out, Blacksmiths will be able to equip 2 more epic …

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