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Did HonorBuddy’s Offline Time Affect Prices?


Before the patch hit I reported shortly after Patch 5.0.4. hit HonorBuddy went down for a week after the patch. Anecdotally I noticed a huge spike in prices and drop in availability immediately after the patch and in the days following. The question is, was it just me or was there really a noticeable affect …

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Disappointments with Patch 5.0.4


Well a few days have passed since Patch 5.0.4. dropped and the gold making scene has been…disappointing to say the least. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, Blizzard ruined glyphmas 2.0 (those grinches!) by means of a “bug” (I’m using obnoxious air quotes when I say that just …

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The Bot Shuffle


Yesterday on the WoW Gold Blogger Hangout one of our listeners/viewers, Flarbish of Gnomish Gold, picked up on something I said. As I was describing the relationship between bots, gold sellers, players, and goblins like us he noted that it sounds like a shuffle, and I realized, yea, it is pretty much. Specifically I was …

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