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Setbacks and Time Investments


Today was supposed to be the day. Today was supposed to be fun. Today was supposed to be the day I set forth for a brave new world, , strike forth from my current server, to find greener pastures at another. This did not happen. I was all set, I had everything packed up, I …

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Blizzard Development Q&A: Disappointing, and nearly non-existent, profession and economic news

Today’s Q&A hosted on the Battle.net World of Warcraft site was the first of what they hope to be many such sessions. While the developers answered a host of mostly class balance questions over the hour and a bit session, very little information was given to give us hints to what the economic face will …

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Possible Incoming Spike in Gems and Enchants–Taiwan WoW Site Suggests Twice a Week Resets

A blue post on the Taiwan World of Warcraft blog suggests that the WoW team may be doubling our resets per week. It’s only on the Taiwan site and no official English post, but I’ll supply a babelfish translation: When October 27 server services, we will apply mechanically in view of 4.0 and 4.2 team …

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