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One Year Blogiversary

So it seems my one year anniversary of blogging passed me by without me noticing! To be fair I had a bit of a rough start, it was more of a soft launch so it was hard to determine exactly when I started blogging, but I’ve decided the best date to consider my first day …

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The State of Blogging

The other day (okay it was a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have enough content to actually write about it till now) I realized something that’s fairly unique to your gold community: We’re the most monetized sub community in the WoW blogosphere. I mean think about it, most of my fellow bloggers, including myself, …

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20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire

Remember me starting these? Yea, thought not. Figured I might as well get these finished before Mists of Pandaria takes center stage. 20 Days of WoW Blogging originally by Saga of Spellbound. I’ll be frank here, I don’t think there’s anyone in this community I don’t respect, but I figure I’d highlight a few particular …

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Rebranding and Book Writing


Yes, I said book writing, but more on that in a moment. As regular readers will notice the banner up top has changed from the default that came with the template, finally. More astute observers will have noticed that the sites favicon has changed as well to the site’s new logo, featured left. Both of …

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Pre Expansion Slump

Yes, yes I know I haven’t written anything gold related, or WoW related for that matter, in way too long. To be honest I’ve still been a bit apathetic towards the game, honestly if it wasn’t for the fact I succumbed to the annual pass, I would have probably dropped WoW by now. But I …

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Writing for the Sake of Writing

As some of you who follow my twitter might have already heard, last week over my reading week my keyboard broke. And when I say it broke, I meant I fried it…by cleaning it. The keyboard was a Zboard with a removable keyset that can be washed fairly easily. Last Monday (I think it was …

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A Few Odds and Ends

I’ve been fiddling around with the site again, and I’ve made some quality of life changes I hope everyone will enjoy. None of the changes should effect how you view the blog already, so if you don’t like change, no harm done! Categories Reorganized I’ve expanded the amount of categories I have on the blog, …

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Problems With “Do This Don’t Do That” Posts

As many have noted, I tend to shy away from guide like posts, gold making strategies, basically anything that I might have to stick a Your Mileage May Vary on it. There are several reasons on this, one of which is that at this stage of an expansion pretty much every gold making tip, strategy, …

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What To Do During Downtime (Server or Personal)

Inside my computer

Edit: Thanks a bunch to Blyck, my computer is back in working order, no replacement parts needed! Check out the comments for the fix It would seem I’m just not destined to play much WoW this holiday season, as upon waking up bright and early New Years Day (around 11 or so) I rolled out …

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Year in Review – 2011

I’m not usually good at self review or introspection, and I have a feeling if I attempted it now it would be no exception if I tried it now. Instead, for my New Year’s Post I’ll take a look at what’s being going on in World of Warcraft, the gold making scene, and the blogosphere. …

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