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Blizzard Development Q&A: Disappointing, and nearly non-existent, profession and economic news

Today’s Q&A hosted on the Battle.net World of Warcraft site was the first of what they hope to be many such sessions. While the developers answered a host of mostly class balance questions over the hour and a bit session, very little information was given to give us hints to what the economic face will …

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Blizzard Announces Guild Faction and Server Transfers

Blizzard released today information about the upcoming Guild Services which will be demo’d on select realms “in the coming days and weeks”. The two most goblins will be interested will be the Guild Master Faction Change, and Guild Master Realm Transfer, which for $40 or $35 (respectively), and a $10 discount if you do both, …

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Why the New Pet Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

One of the big news items everyone is talking about lately is the new Guardian Club pet Blizzard announced they are going to be released soon. For the unaware, Blizzard has decided to release a new pet to their pet store for the standard $10 USD. There are two key differences between this pet and …

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