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20 Days of Gold Making: Day 4 – Do you use a banker alt/guild? When did you start doing that & why?


Yes, I do have a bank alt and dedicated guild bank, in fact they’ve been featured somewhat frequently on my blog. For those who aren’t familiar, here’s my bank alt, Leigera, standing in front of an open guild vault. While some people advocate using multiple banking alts I keep all my transactions through the one …

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Last Minute Preparations for Patch 4.3. Hour of Twilight

UPDATE: Looks like Patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight is going live this Tuesday As the Hour of Twilight approaches goblins are scrambling to get the most bang for their buck out of this patch. The two expected release dates for 4.3 are November 29th or December 6th depending on who you ask, and both of …

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Fith tab in my guild bank during the server transfer

After some delays, my  move to my new server finally went down last Wednesday. I ended up taking 3 characters and one guild bank, all filled to the brim. I honestly don’t know how I moved the last time without Guild Faction and Server Transfers. I unfortunately continued business as usual right up until the …

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Economy of Scale

Saddle Bags

In many industries it becomes cheaper to produce an item as the volume of production increases, and they will often pass on these savings (or in some cases the increased expensive of producing smaller) on to you, so you save money when you buy in bulk. Of course in World of Warcraft our prices are …

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Now Everyone is Going to Want to be a Blacksmith


A little bird on the Consortium IRC mentioned to me today that the fine folks at Blizzard rolled back their changes to Jewelcrafting’s profession bonus to their release levels, and still haven’t touched the other professions at all. What this means is, once 4.3 rolls out, Blacksmiths will be able to equip 2 more epic …

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When to Start Saving for a Future Patch

I was going to name this post When to Start Stockpiling, but in the wake of my recent post picking apart the word stockpile, I opted for a more descriptive title. For clarity when I say stockpile in this article I will be referring to the act of hoarding goods in the hopes for future …

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Material and Inventory Management


I brought up an interesting topic Friday that I breezed over that I would like to explore some more, the topic was Bulk Material Handling which I mentioned in Stockpiles, Backlogs, and Inventory, and I think it opens up to an interesting topic related to our exploits in World of Warcraft: Material and Inventory Management. …

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Stockpiles, Backlogs, and Inventory


It’s amazing how quickly materials can back up in your mailbox awaiting processing. Right now I’ve still got 7,000 elementium ore in my mailbox waiting to get prospected, and even as the ore sits stationary in my mailbox, I buy more off the auction house, which then gets poured into the mailbox on top of …

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Where Real World Economics Meet World of Warcraft (and then abruptly crash and burn)

Something I’ve noticed from my time crawling the gold blog-o-sphere is that so many ideas and discussions spawn from correlations people make between the ingame World of Warcraft economy and the economy of the real world. And you can’t blame them, so many theories, principles, tactics etc. from real world economics work perfectly, and sometimes …

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The Ins and Outs of Moving Servers (or Factions), and Taking Your Business With You

Update: The original source for my information, the blog post, missed a key piece of information….the character moving a guild needs to be GM for 7 days. The need or desire to switch servers and/or factions can come from many things, your guild fell apart, you’re moving to meet friends, you’re moving to avoid drama …

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