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Cross Realm Auction Houses?

Earlier today on WoW Insider Anne Stickney asked if we need cross-realm auction house, and it’s an idea that’s been floated around in the last couple of months. The supporters of such a move see it as a way to revive dying servers and their economies. The idea is, much like cross-realm zones, the more …

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Black Market Auction House

I assume by now everyone and their donkey has heard already, but MMO-Champion has revealed information on a new Black Market Auction House. Go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already, I’ll wait here. Read it through? Good. Pretty wicked eh? Some important details about the new Black Market Auction House: Auctions are …

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Review – WoWuction

Seasonality Icon WoWuction

WoWuction is a neat little sight that’s been pointed out to me twice now, so I thought I’d take a peak and see what was up. Alto unfortunately beat me too it as I had started this article and set it aside for crunch time. So, at the cost of blowing off a mechanics presentation, …

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Material and Inventory Management


I brought up an interesting topic Friday that I breezed over that I would like to explore some more, the topic was Bulk Material Handling which I mentioned in Stockpiles, Backlogs, and Inventory, and I think it opens up to an interesting topic related to our exploits in World of Warcraft: Material and Inventory Management. …

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Where Real World Economics Meet World of Warcraft (and then abruptly crash and burn)

Something I’ve noticed from my time crawling the gold blog-o-sphere is that so many ideas and discussions spawn from correlations people make between the ingame World of Warcraft economy and the economy of the real world. And you can’t blame them, so many theories, principles, tactics etc. from real world economics work perfectly, and sometimes …

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