Recommended Addons

This is a collection of the addons I personally use for gold making:


TradeSkillMaster and it’s modules (you really need the modules to get the most out of this addon) is the centre piece of my gold making empire. It is responsible for my posting, buying, crafting, mailing, and destroying (disenchanting). Highly recommended).


Auctioneer is useful for arbitrage, real time scans, and item flipping.


Handy of organizing banks and bags, and has basic features for filling bags from bank, or bank from bag.


A chat addon it’s incredibly handy for creating tabs for different chat channels, especially useful for catching whispers.


Bag addon of choice, displays one large bag for all your bags, along with category and item quality sorting, and a search function. Can be expanded with different modules for extra categories (such as glyphs).


Nifty little addon for keeping track of sales.

Using TradeSkillMaster_Accounting now


Must have for crafting, prospecting, milling, and enchanting.

Prospect Me

Useful for tracking yield rates of herbs and ore.


Useful for automatically stacking gems once they’re created.

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