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Blizzard Dev Q&A Notes

Notes I took from the Q&A October-27-2011 "Mists of Pandaria Developer Q&A "

Q: Hey there. Will Pandaria have a new Dalaran like city or will we be using the ones already existing ingame?

A: We will have separate player hubs for both the Horde and Alliance on Pandaria. Separate hubs means we do not have to make them sanctuary and will encourage world PVP. These hubs will have access to an AH, Bank and general vendors. Valor, conquest, profession and faction vendors will be scattered around the world to encourage travel.

Q: Will there be more guild levels in MoP, if so how far will the cap go and do you have any examples of new perks?

A: We will be adding new levels to the guild leveling system for Mists of Pandaria. These new levels will come with new perks too! An example of a couple perks we are thinking about are reduced cost on void storage and transmogrification.

Q: Will you consider giving glyphs the same treatment as the talent trees? Glyphs are also somewhat cookie cutter, as passive damage increases are not fun and are mandatory for any player wishing to compete

A: We aren’t happy at all with Prime glyphs because they are no-brainers (but often mathy to figure that out). We want to expand the Major glyphs because that is where the real decisions lie. Not sure of the future of Primes quite yet. They *might* go away. (Don’t freak, scribes!)

Q: Will the pandarian racial that benifits XP bonus give them twice the blue bar for the same amount rested, or will it give you a larger multiplyer when reciving XP

A: Their blue bar (rested XP) will last longer before running out.

A: Are we going to require items to change talents like changing the glyphs?

Q: Yes. Our goal (which is more important than the mechanism) is that we don’t want swapping talents to be a huge pain, but don’t want it to be so easy that making the choice isn’t interesting. We don’t want players to feel the need to swap talents in 5-player dungeons or for every trash pull in a raid.

Q: Will there be a way for pandaran to switch factions (once) after they choose alliance/horde? Can they defect?

A: We are currently planning for this to be a permanent choice.

Q: I don’t like PvP, I play on a PvP server, because my friends on a PvP server and most people from my country is playing on that particular server. I have to face world PvP every time I am doing my bussiness in the new hubs in Pandaria? I love the new zone, but I don’t want to be backstabbed by a rogue while I am selling my stuff, or buying equipment. Can non-interested players avoid the world PvP

A: Yes, we certainly don’t want you to always be back-stabbed while you are setting up your auctions. However, if a group of the opposing faction wants to form a raid and attack your city, we want them to have a chance to be successful. So yes and no. =)

Q: So far everything I have heard about the expansion sounds too good to be true! I was wondering however – I had heard that Cooking will become a primary skill, but others say I have misheard/read this. But wouldn’t it make the Pandaren racial moot if that were the case? Can you clarify?

A: Cooking will remain a secondary skill. We do have some cool stuff planned to match the Pandaren love of cooking. For example, you can choose to specialize in different styles of cooking. For example, grilling may create Strength food. You can choose the specialization that makes the most sense for your character and still unlock feasts at the end, or you can try and learn all specializations.

Q: What will be the new cap for professions? Do you plan to create any new professions?

A: The new cap for professions is 600 and we are currently not planning to add a new profession. We are hoping that pet battles will offer a fun, new type of activity for players to do that offers an alternative to player power progression.

Q: Will there be any grasshoppers?

A: Yes! It actually just got checked into the game by the artists today! Going to be awesome to use in pet battles!

Q: will pandas become a mount as well

A: Inappropriate! :o

Q: what will the pandas ride? non anthropomorphic pandas?

A: We are still working on ideas for their mount. An epic turtle is certainly one of the most popular options around the office right now!

Q: I’m in a high end raiding guild and if the racials for Panderan stay as is, we are almost all going to have to race change. Do you plan to have the Panderan racials (specifically the double food buff) nearly balanced with the other races on release or do you want them to be the best to start with so more people play them?

A: The food buff is the equivalent of racials like the haste or crit buffs of the goblin and worgen. The 100% number is a ballpark number.

Q: <no question seemed to be posted>

A: Ghostcrawler: We are still evaluating the power of our primary vs. secondary stats. Primary stats (Agi etc.) are a bit good right now, but that also helps ensure that new tiers of gear are nearly always upgrades.

Q: When do we except this x-pack to come out? (hopefully not late 2012)

A: Based on what we showed at Blizzcon, hopefully sooner rather than later. =)

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