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Creating A Guild In World of Warcraft

This is a walkthrough on how to create your very own guild in World of Warcraft whether for personal use or to start a full fledge guild. All you will need is some time, gold, and a guild-less character.

Getting the Guild Charter

Guild MasterYour first order of business is to get a guild charter from your friendly neighbourhood Guild Master located in any visitors centre, located in any major city. Simply ask your a guard for directions to the nearest Guild Master & Vendor to find your way. The vendor you’re looking for has <Guild Master> floating above his head (seen on the right is the Guild Master from Stormwind’s visitor’s centre.

Once you talk to this charming fellow he presents you with two options, select How do I form a guild?

Form a Guild

From there you will presented with a new screen which gives two more options. From here you will select Purchase a Guild Charter:

Purchase a Guild Charter

After which you will be prompted to chose a name for your guild (don’t worry though, this isn’t final, you can still change the name later in this process.

Name the Guild

Once you hit the Purchase button you’ll get a Guild Charter in your bag to sign which you’ll need to get 5 signatures on before you can form the guild. To request a signature select a character and hit the Request Signature button.

Note you can’t open the Guild Charter if you have Block Guild Invites available!

Guild Charter

If you don’t already have some people interested in forming a guild with you, or you’re just making a guild for personal use, you’re going to have to find some players to sign the charter for you.

The simplest way to get this done is head to a heavily populated place, such as in front of a bank or auction house in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and advertise in trade chat that you’re paying players for signatures. What you pay for them differs from server to server and from day to day but you should be able to get the required signatures for 25-100g per signature. Beware though that some less than scrupulous players will hop from guild to guild and if you can’t get the signatures quickly enough you might notice some names disappearing.

Once you have the 5 names (4 others and yourself) bring the charter back to the guild master and this time select Register a Guild Charter and that’s it! You’re the proud new owner of your very own guild.

Make sure that if you’re using the guild simply for personal use you give all the people you signed the charter the boot as they are automatically added into the guild when it is formed.


  1. Vlad

    You could just create some new characters and sign charter, then delete characters

    1. Eric Dekker

      Both characters need to be online, only one account can sign, and alts from your account can’t sign

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