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Announcing the World of Warcraft Gold Survey 2015

Take the 2015 Gold Survey It’s time again for the (somewhat) annual gold survey! Due to the launch of Warlords of Draenor in November of last year, I decided to skip the 2014 survey, which makes this the fourth survey in five years! The survey is now live and runs through the 4th of December, …

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Garrisons May not be the End of the World


As promised when I posted that I was in the Beta, I’ve been doing some snooping around to see what’s what and give us a peak at what to expect come November. The only request I got was to explore garrisons, which is great because that was what I was planning on doing anyways! So …

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Preparations for World of Warcraft Gold Survey 2013

Every year for the past two years I’ve run a survey aimed at finding out what exactly an average WoW player is, and how much gold they have in their pockets. The first year I ran it, it was a huge hit, and the following year improved upon the first. This year is going to …

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To-do List for Mists of Pandaria

I must admit I’ve been slacking quite a bit, taking a fair amount of time off in the pre expansion slump but I’m slowly making my way back, and I’ve realized I have a whole lot of stuff to do before Mists of Pandaria lands this September. While new expansions are always exciting I’ve never …

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Decisions Decisions

The introduction of the new Scroll of Resurrection program has presented me, and many other players, a unique opportunity to get a “free” level 80 character. Yes that’s right, no levelling needed, just boom, level 80 character. What’s the catch? You have to bring an old account back, and that account gets the free character …

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