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Obligatory Post About the Patch 5.4 PTR Notes

Obligatory post is obligatory. So, not 24 hours after I talk about if Blizzard should merge servers, information comes flooding in about 5.4, among which is news about plans to merge servers in so called virtual servers. Which makes everything I said in that post wrong. Herp derp. Read the PTR 5.4 Build 17056 notes …

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The World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide has been Released


I’m pleased to announce that after nearly 10 months of work, the World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide, written by yours truly, has been published. The World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide is available both in print (paperback) and in various eBook formats (including on the Kindle). You can find the World of Warcraft Gold …

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The Golden Crusade Shuffler Updated to V1.0.1

Download The Golden Crusade Shuffler – A Shuffling Spreadsheet for Mists of Pandaria Just a quick note that The Golden Crusade Shuffler has been updated to V1.0.1 Changes in this update include: Fixed Sparkling Shards not counting Trillium Ore Added the new Primal Diamond transmute to Spirit of Harmony Optimizer If you find yourself using …

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World of Warcraft Gold Tweeters

As many of you may know, I’m a huge fan of Twitter (for those of you who don’t follow me already, my handle is @Xsinthis). No matter what interests you, you can find someone talking about it on Twitter. To that end I’m building a list of gold tweeters, which you can find here: …

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Check Out The New TSM Theme I Designed – The Functional Gold Maker

Last month Sapu, Lead Developer of TradeSkillMaster, held a contest to decide what the next TSM preset theme would be for TSM. The results were announced last week and my entry, The Functional Gold Maker, won first place! Here was my entry: With version 1.6 of TradeSkillMaster The Functional Gold Maker is now a preset …

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The Golden Crusade Shuffler Has Been Updated to V1.0.0–Release

The Golden Crusade Shuffler has been updated to V1.0.0. and has been brought out of the beta. Changes in this version include: Added support for the Ironpaw Shuffle Added Spirit of Harmony Optimizer Added support for Trillium Ore (both Black Trillium Ore and White Trillium Ore) Changed how the spreadsheet uses your enchanting materials – …

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Official Opening of /r/WoWEconomy, A Gold Making Subreddit, Announced

While the /r/WoWEconomy subreddit has been opened for a few months now, I believe I’ve even talked about it on my blog before, Fluxflashor (@Fluxflashor) took to the main /r/WoW subreddit to announce the opening of the subreddit: Hey guys, gals, goblins, and gnomes! I’d like to announce the official launch of the /r/woweconomy subreddit. This …

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New: The Golden Crusade Spirit of Harmony Optimizer


A lot of players always ask about what the best use of their Spirit of Harmony is. Now while this isn’t always clear cut (you might want to save them up on certain characters if they go BoE or BoA) this spreadsheet breaks down the market value of your Spirit of Harmony for each item …

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The Golden Crusade Shuffler Updated to V0.3.3

Just a quick note that The Golden Crusade Shuffler has been upgraded to V0.3.3 which includes a small fix for Google Docs users as well as fixes a typo that prevented Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats sales data from being collected. I recommend everyone grabs this update. I’ve included the version history for the last …

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Have You Joined /r/WoWEconomy Yet?

From the makers of /r/WoW comes the brand new subreddit /r/WoWEconomy. If you haven’t checked it out yet I highly suggest you do. Know many of you that use Reddit may be thinking “Wtf, another gold making subreddit?” but there’s good reason for this subreddit. The mods at /r/WoW noticed the division in the gold …

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