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Regrets of Expansions Past


So as I was rooting around my various alts, I finally got up the courage to visit my bank alt. Now, as I have been gone for many months there was of course no mail waiting for me, which meant that my bank alt’s bags are unusually clear. I lost a lot of inventory, but …

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Garrisons May not be the End of the World


As promised when I posted that I was in the Beta, I’ve been doing some snooping around to see what’s what and give us a peak at what to expect come November. The only request I got was to explore garrisons, which is great because that was what I was planning on doing anyways! So …

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Easing Back into the Game

Since I got back from Christmas break I’ve been slowly easing back into the game. I didn’t mention this on the blog (though I think I mentioned this on Twitter) but back in late November/early December I joined a large raiding guild on my server, but only as a casual member. I didn’t play much …

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Preparations for World of Warcraft Gold Survey 2013

Every year for the past two years I’ve run a survey aimed at finding out what exactly an average WoW player is, and how much gold they have in their pockets. The first year I ran it, it was a huge hit, and the following year improved upon the first. This year is going to …

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A Look at World of Warcraft Subscription Numbers


As many of you have probably heard by now, when Activision-Blizzard announced it bought itself back from Vivendi they slipped in their latest subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft: 7.7 million subscribers at the end of Q2 2013. I wasn’t initially going to weigh in on it, I mean it’s not exactly within my purview …

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Sneak Peek at TradeSkillMaster 2.0


So, a little while ago Sapu, lead developer of TradeSkillMaster, gave various members of the gold making community (bloggers, podcasters, etc.) early access to a (alpha? beta?) version of TradeSkillMaster 2.0. When TSM 2.0 is ready for release I plan on having a full guide on TradeSkillMaster 2.0 completed, but for now let’s just take …

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Is Blizzard Planning to Move to Free to Play?

Yes, I know I’m a bit late on this, but I’ve been busy this past week, so sue me. “Recently” (putting quotes around that because what’s recent really depends on who you ask), an item was data mined from the PTR that caused a bit of a ruckus among the World of Warcraft community. The …

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What’s Been Selling?


So I’ve never done one of these before, but ever since I wrote the guide to Saving TradeSkillMaster Data in a Database I’ve been wanting too. I decided to pull all the sales data since Mists of Pandaria launched and see what’s going on. Here are the results: Unfortunately, these numbers aren’t too impressive, it …

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Barrier to Entry

Barrier to entry is a term I’ve thrown around before, but I have never actually done a post about it, so I figured I’d take care of that now. What is a barrier to entry? Well, Wikipedia defines Barrier(s) to Entry as: In theories of competition in economics, barriers to entry, also known as barrier …

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What’s Up With Lightning Steel Ingot?

So there was a lot of hype pre patch about the Lightning Steel Ingot and the Lightning Forge. It seems like everyone was stocking up on Ghost Iron Ore and Ghost Iron Bars for the big boom when patch 5.2 dropped (not only from the Lightning Steel Ingots though, a lot of it was because …

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