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Monolithic (1/13H) of US-Stormrage is Looking for More!


Monolithic is a 25-man Alliance heroic raiding guild on US-Stormrage actively seeking the following raiders over iLvL 515: Cloth DPS Boomkin Hunter Elemental Shammy We finished Tier 14 4/6 HMSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES with elite mode down. We are currently 1/13 heroic mode in ToT Our raid days are times are Wed/Thur/Mon 8-11pm EST …

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Should Servers be Merged?


This week’s Community Blog Topic on WoW Insider asks us, should servers be merged? The idea of this is to combat the issue of servers becoming deserted with declining WoW subscriptions exacerbated with character transfers enabling players on these declining servers to seek out more populated ones. Merging servers would mean combining low and medium …

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This Gear Thing is a Pain


So we left off yesterday I had spent the whole weekend trying to get my Druid caught up to be a functioning member of Warcraft society. Well Monday had some extra time on my hands (one of my profs was sick) so I decided after I did my Golden Lotus dailies I’d tackle the Klaxxi. …

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Playing Catch Up


So I have a bit of a dirty secret, I haven’t really been playing World of Warcraft since before Mists of Pandaria hit. I mean, it took me forever to get a level 90 (not a lot of game time, just a lot of calendar time) and when I did hit 90 I just kind …

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In Which I Finally Complete a Recruit-A-Friend Pair

New Roster

Last time World of Warcraft went on sale I decided to take advantage of it to get myself a second account (well, fourth technically). So I recruited myself, bought the new battle chest (includes Wrath of the Lich King) and went on my way to level a Hunter and Warrior pair.After I got the two …

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In Which I Get My 100th Mount


So back in Wrath I made a bet with a friend (who’s since stopped playing – stupid rouges) to see who could get to Mountain o’ Mounts first. Well, as you can probably guess at the elapsed time between that bet and this post, I lost, big time. He ended up getting the achievement before …

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Not Enough Time in the Day

What I like most about my expansion experience so far is that there has been so much to do, and not a single one of them has been the “right” thing to do. Lately I’ve been leveling a monk (Pandaren of course, shame on all you who have anything but a Pandaren monk) and have …

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