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This Was Supposed to be My Week Off

As some of my followers may know, this week was supposed to be my week off. I had my last exam from the summer transition course Friday morning, and I flew out that afternoon. The flight was fairly uneventful (turns out I’m not afraid of flying, yay!) and we landed in Billy Bishop ahead of …

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The Woes of Healing

A Bad Run-in with a PUG A Firelands group I joined today reminded me when we ran into a bit of a problem before we even started the first boss. After a tank death during the trash the raid leader decided he had a bone to pick with us healers. At the time there was …

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What To Do During Downtime (Server or Personal)

Inside my computer

Edit: Thanks a bunch to Blyck, my computer is back in working order, no replacement parts needed! Check out the comments for the fix It would seem I’m just not destined to play much WoW this holiday season, as upon waking up bright and early New Years Day (around 11 or so) I rolled out …

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Setbacks and Time Investments


Today was supposed to be the day. Today was supposed to be fun. Today was supposed to be the day I set forth for a brave new world, , strike forth from my current server, to find greener pastures at another. This did not happen. I was all set, I had everything packed up, I …

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