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Warlords of Draenor and the World of Warcraft Gold Survey

So I realized something this week, the release of WoD is going to clash with my annual gold survey. The release is set for November 13th, and I know I usually have the survey right before this, but 6.0 is going to land before that, and that’s going to screw up some of the numbers …

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Apparently I’m in the Beta


So I got home at the end of the summer to find out I was selected for the Warlords of Draenor Beta. Cool. Wish they had sent an email though. Not that I would have had the time to play any sooner. Anyways. So after a few false starts (lots of maintenance) I finally fired …

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Being Broke and Rich at the Same Time

A lot of gold makers seem to come across this problem when they reach major milestones, they can’t spend any gold below that milestone. It’s like Schrodinger’s cat, they’re both rich and poor at the same time. Alright, so that comparison is a bit stupid, so sue me. I’m finding myself in this predicament right …

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Weekend? What Weekend?


This is just a bit of a life update, so feel free to skip this, it’s pretty boring, writing crap down just helps organize my thoughts. As the title suggest, I don’t have much of a weekend. I spent several hours today at the college helping out with the college’s preview day, and am going …

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First Impressions of Mists of Pandaria


Due to the busy week I had I wasn’t able to properly sit down and start playing Mists of Pandaria until Friday evening. I opted to start playing with my Druid, Xsinthis, since I decided I wanted my druid to be my main for a few reasons: It’s my namesake and I’d like to be …

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Of Bots, Dupes, and Ethics

So I’ve had this idea rattling around my head for a few days now but Jim Younkin’s post today on Strong Evidence of Rampant Item Duplication in WoW was kind of the final stick pulled in a game of KerPlunk…yes I just likened my head to a plastic tube filled with marbles, shut up. I’ve …

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The Woes of Healing

A Bad Run-in with a PUG A Firelands group I joined today reminded me when we ran into a bit of a problem before we even started the first boss. After a tank death during the trash the raid leader decided he had a bone to pick with us healers. At the time there was …

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My First Foray Into Guild Leading


Two weeks ago (at least I think it was two weeks ago, I’m terrible with these things)I decided to take the plunge and buy a level 25 guild complete with 7 guild tabs (complete with a small smattering of items), several achievements, and several unlocked items for a total of 250,000 gold. Now while I …

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Decisions Decisions

The introduction of the new Scroll of Resurrection program has presented me, and many other players, a unique opportunity to get a “free” level 80 character. Yes that’s right, no levelling needed, just boom, level 80 character. What’s the catch? You have to bring an old account back, and that account gets the free character …

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Writing for the Sake of Writing

As some of you who follow my twitter might have already heard, last week over my reading week my keyboard broke. And when I say it broke, I meant I fried it…by cleaning it. The keyboard was a Zboard with a removable keyset that can be washed fairly easily. Last Monday (I think it was …

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