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An Open Letter to Ghostcrawler

Dear Mister Ghostcrawler, It saddened me today to hear the news of your soon-to-be departure from Blizzard and World of Warcraft. While we may not have seen eye-to-eye on everything (like the realm mergers, I’m pleasantly surprised that’s turning out so well, I guess that’s why you’re the professional), World of Warcraft has been an …

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I Mean, it’s for Charity, Right?


So apparently it doesn’t take much for me to throw wads of money I don’t technically have at Blizzard for sparkly things. Oh well, at least half of the pet’s cost went to charity, right?

My Thoughts on Warlords of Draenor


So unless you’ve been hiding under an incredibly dense rock you know BlizzCon was this weekend. Unfortunately between homework and a two-day first aid course this past weekend I wasn’t able to give the convention much attention. Luckily I didn’t purchase a digital ticket before hand so no money wasted (those in-game goodies weren’t very …

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Community Blog Topic: My Favourite and Least Favourite Expansions

This week, Robin Torres of WoW Insider asks, What’s your most and least favorite expansions? I am a Wrath baby; I didn’t even reach 80 for the first time until around the release of ICC. I can’ remember where exactly in the patch timeline I finally dinged 80, but I remember during a bit of …

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Blog URL Change

Just a quick note that I’ve got a new domain for my blog, The old domain should redirect until I figure out what to do with that domain (I’m thinking of splitting the non-WoW posts into a personal blog) but I’d appreciate it everyone updated their blog rolls/links/bookmarks to the new URL. There was …

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This Was Supposed to be My Week Off

As some of my followers may know, this week was supposed to be my week off. I had my last exam from the summer transition course Friday morning, and I flew out that afternoon. The flight was fairly uneventful (turns out I’m not afraid of flying, yay!) and we landed in Billy Bishop ahead of …

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Community Blog Topic: Is Leveling Too Easy?


This blog post is in response to this week’s community topic on WoW Insider, Is Leveling Too Easy? Regular readers will remember several times in the past I have mentioned that I hate levelling characters. Let’s take a look at my current roster shall we? Now for me, this is absolutely excellent. I mean I …

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Happy Canada Day! Bonne Fête du Canada!

Reminder that Google Reader Shuts Down July 1st

Just a friendly reminder to all my loyal readers that Google Reader and related apps and services will be no more come July 1st. For those who use RSS heavily, here is a list of 12 Google Reader Alternatives. For The Golden Crusade specifically, don’t forget you can subscribe to emails (top left of the …

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Monolithic (1/13H) of US-Stormrage is Looking for More!


Monolithic is a 25-man Alliance heroic raiding guild on US-Stormrage actively seeking the following raiders over iLvL 515: Cloth DPS Boomkin Hunter Elemental Shammy We finished Tier 14 4/6 HMSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES with elite mode down. We are currently 1/13 heroic mode in ToT Our raid days are times are Wed/Thur/Mon 8-11pm EST …

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