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My First Impressions of Mists of Pandaria Beta

I feel like a terrible Beta tester, here I am with “exclusive” access to the new Mists of Pandaria Beta, and I have no urge to do any real testing. This past week I finally got around to tinkering a bit with the Beta, mostly just played a Pandaran until we got to Stormwind. I’ll …

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Pre Expansion Slump

Yes, yes I know I haven’t written anything gold related, or WoW related for that matter, in way too long. To be honest I’ve still been a bit apathetic towards the game, honestly if it wasn’t for the fact I succumbed to the annual pass, I would have probably dropped WoW by now. But I …

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Obligatory “Look At My New Puppy” Post

New Puppy Charlie

Yea my family got a new puppy named Charley. It’s a Bichon/Poodle (Miniature or Toy, I  forget now) mix and is currently 7 weeks old:   D’awwwwww And here’s Miska (our Golden Doodle) meeting the new arrival for the first time:      

Ding! Gold Cap!

gold cap screenshot

It took me way to long, but I did it, I hit the 999,999g99s99c mark (and then some, the mailbox won’t top off your gold, so I had to syphon some into the guild bank). I was pretty excited when I realized the game wouldn’t let me loot any more gold from the mailbox, and …

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We Need a New Vendor Mount in Mists of Pandaria

This post is a submission for Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival for the month of January (2012). The topic of this months carnival is “If you could add 1 item or feature to the Mists of Pandaria expansion, what would it be and why?” One of the main reasons I got into gold making back in …

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Rejected Karazhan Opera encounters: How to Succeed at Gold-Making Without Really Trying

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this evening’s presentation! Tonight, we follow the adventures of a young goblin desperately trying to make his way in the cutthroat world of Undermine. But he has a secret ally who promises him a meteoric rise to the top! Will he succeed? Will he become the next Trade Prince? Only …

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White Ribbon–Heart of Gold

White Ribbon Campaign

With one voice, as one community, we are speaking out and working to end violence against women. White Ribbon White Ribbon International @WhiteRibbon

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