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Europe Bound

It seems I’ve been doing more life updates than actual WoW posts here lately. Probably because I’ve stopped playing. Again. So I’ve mentioned this on Twitter already, but I figured I’d mention it here as well. I’m going to be working in Belfast (Northern Ireland) this summer! Also going to be spending ~week in the …

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I have a Tumblr Now

I decided to see what this whole Tumblr thing is all about so I decided to start my own (Tumblr) blog. You can find me at This won’t have anything to do with gold making or WoW (in general), it’s going to be more of a person blog, and a place for me to …

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Today I am a Happy Geek (Computer Upgrade Time)


Last week with the help of some folks on Twitter, especially @msherretz and @GrndNagusMammon) I ordered some minor upgrades for my computer. I say minor because although the total purchase set me back a little over $200 I only upgraded my case, DVD drive, and CPU cooler: Rosewill R5 Gaming ATX Mid Tower Case Samsung …

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Need Some Computer Advice (Contemplating Upgrades)

So I’ve been contemplating some much needed computer upgrades to my system and then I thought hey, my readers are some pretty smart and opinionated people, I’ll make a blog post! It also helps me to write stuff like this down (err, well, so to speak, I assure you there was no pen to paper …

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Is World of Warcraft Worth It?

I’ve decided Sundays are the perfect time for these “off-topic” posts. Why? Well apparently some people have better things to do than sit on a weekend reading about World of Warcraft so many weekend articles go to waste so to speak. I know, shocking right? Who doesn’t spend every waking hour drenched in World of …

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Books, Notes, and Writing


So it’s been a a bit since I first mentioned the book I have in the works so I thought I’d give an update as well as discuss a few more things. I’m currently on Chapter 2 of the planned 8 chapters for the book and writing has been, well, slow. As of this writing …

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My Issues with the Alliance Gunship Skyfire

For those of you who have missed this so far (or play the stinkin’ horde) the is currently an Alliance gunship flying above and off to the side of Stormwind Harbor (I feel like spelling that “Harbour” but I guess since it’s in-game like that I have to spell it the American way). That ship …

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Rebranding and Book Writing


Yes, I said book writing, but more on that in a moment. As regular readers will notice the banner up top has changed from the default that came with the template, finally. More astute observers will have noticed that the sites favicon has changed as well to the site’s new logo, featured left. Both of …

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My First Foray Into Guild Leading


Two weeks ago (at least I think it was two weeks ago, I’m terrible with these things)I decided to take the plunge and buy a level 25 guild complete with 7 guild tabs (complete with a small smattering of items), several achievements, and several unlocked items for a total of 250,000 gold. Now while I …

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Rebuilding My User Interface


After my computer failed and I had to rebuild it early May (a drive in a Stripe RAID setup failed, I lost most everything). I procrastinated mostly because I wasn’t doing anything really in game except some minor gold making, so it wasn’t until two weeks ago really that I worked on a UI for …

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