Monthly Archive: November 2015

Announcing the World of Warcraft Gold Survey 2015

Take the 2015 Gold Survey It’s time again for the (somewhat) annual gold survey! Due to the launch of Warlords of Draenor in November of last year, I decided to skip the 2014 survey, which makes this the fourth survey in five years! The survey is now live and runs through the 4th of December, …

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Regrets of Expansions Past


So as I was rooting around my various alts, I finally got up the courage to visit my bank alt. Now, as I have been gone for many months there was of course no mail waiting for me, which meant that my bank alt’s bags are unusually clear. I lost a lot of inventory, but …

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It Would Almost be Easier to Start Fresh


So last night I fired up World of Warcraft for the first time in many months. Between school and then leaving my desktop in a storage unit over the summer, I haven’t really had a chance to play, nor an urge until last night. I must admit that any time I come back from such …

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