2.8 Million Daily Trades

So most people have already seen that Blizzard yesterday released quite an interesting info-graphic on World of Warcraft. It’s neat to see some of the numbers from the official source, instead of player gathered data. The info-graphic has all the information you’d expect, such that over 100 million people have played World of Warcraft (well, over 100M unique World of Warcraft accounts have been created) spanning 244 countries and territories (which is pretty impressive since there’s less than 200 countries in the world), with over 9,000,000 guilds created.

I’d like to point out that 1% of players are neutral, which means Pandaren in the starting zone. Assuming they use typical rounding rules that means 0.5%-1.49% of the 500 million characters are Pandaren in the starting zone, or  2,500,000 – 7,450,000 Pandaren stuck in the starting zone. Considering they reported 11,000,000 Pandaren created, that means 23% – 68% of created Pandaren have never left the starting zone. That sounds like a bit much, but I suppose it’s plausible.

Apparently, the most widely used title is The Patient, followed by Jenkins and Assistant Professor. The first one is pretty easy to explain, The Patient is probably one of the easiest titles to get in the game and you come by it almost accidentally (you don’t have to go out of your way to get it). I’m surprised Jenkins is on the list but I suppose Jenkins is still kind of ingrained in WoW culture, and it’s not exactly difficult. Plus, some people think it’s fun. I’m impressed enough people have done enough archaeology to make Assistant Professor third place.

Some interesting participation stats:

  • 900,000 PvE instances every day
  • 670,000 PvP instances every day
  • 3,600,000 pet battles

Blizzard clearly has a hit on their hands with the pet battles, even accounting for how short pet battles are.  No one should be surprised how popular PvE content is, it’s kind of the main point of the game.

Best Deals Anywhere!

I’m impressed Blizzard included this section in the info-graphic, feels nice to be included.

Apparently we’re busy scoundrels, with 2,800,000 transactions every day on the Auction House (which is apparently twice the number of transactions on eBay during Cyber Monday in 2009).
I’m disappointed though that Blizzard didn’t give us more data on the Auction House, like how much gold goes through it every day, or how many unique players access the Auction House every day. I guess they were going for some stats that would relate well to the real-world though, and wouldn’t fit in on the info-graphic.

As far as I know, this is the first time Blizzard has ever released something like this, and I hope they continue the trend, I find data like this fascinating, and I suspect I’m not alone in this sentiment.

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  1. Arnblas

    The title “Assistant Professor” seems to be assigned automatically to every alt I create, unless I change it manually, so it does not surprise me to see it that high on the list.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Do you use it on any of your mains? It might be because it’s your first title listed alphabetically

      1. Arnblas

        I don’t intentionally use it on any character, since I don’t like it, but it always seems to crop up now and again.

        Alphabetically, it is very close to the top of my list of titles, but not at the top.

        1. Eric Dekker

          Hmmm that’s weird, I don’t know why that could be then

  2. Thalatash

    I thought of this article when I saw the numbers on neutral characters.


    1. Eric Dekker

      Surely that must be an exception though, I can’t see that being common

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