Report: World of Warcraft Gold Survey 2013

The results are in for the World of Warcraft Gold Survey 2013! This year due the size of the report things will be done a bit differently. The 2013 report is published as a pdf document which you can download below.

Download the World of Warcraft Gold Report 2013


The survey ran from October 28th through November 10th, 2013 and collected 3,878 usable results. The survey was voluntary and requests for respondents were posted at the following locations:

  • WoW Insider
  • /r/WoW
  • /r/WoWEconomy
  • /r/WoWGoldMaking
  • MMO-Champion Forums
  • Wowhead Forums
  • US and EU official forums
  • The Golden Crusade
  • Phat Lewts Gold Blog
  • Social media

The mean gold players reported having was 472,979 gold, and the median was 100,000 gold. Of the 3,878 responses, 3,133, or 80.8% of the responses, were under the sample mean. The 1st and 3rd quartiles were 25,000 and 325,000, respectively.

Of the 3,878 responses, 74.9% of responses identified as playing on North American servers, while 25.1% of responses identified as playing on European servers. The average player reportedly started playing World of Warcraft 6 years ago (sample mean was 6.12 years, median 6).

Of this year’s respondents, 74.8% reported having never taken the survey before, 8.3% were unsure, and 16.9% reported having taken the survey before.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the survey and especially those who have helped spread the word. The World of Warcraft community is absolutely amazing, and projects like this would not be possible without players support.

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  1. William D

    Great job on the survey.. unfortunately the link is broken :-(

    1. Eric Dekker

      Which link? The link to the pdf is working fine for me :(

  2. Neuromante

    Excelent job. A bit sad about no GINI, though. Would you consider including it as an appendix? It was fun to see the results however skewed they may be.
    Have you considered assesing the impact of the Black Market? I’ve spent a good deal of my stash of gold in it since it launched, and I think it may be related to the curve in the inflation in MoP. After all, the pace of gold income doesn’t seem to have slowed down, quite the contrary I think since there was a lot of dailies available, along with the Treasure Room in Isle of Thunder.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I ended up calculating the Gini Index, I simply decided not to included it (it was 79% for the curious).

      My memory is a bit fuzzy, but the BMAH launched with Mists didn’t it? Or did it launch in a subsequent patch? I completely overlooked that, though I didn’t go into much discussion in the report

  3. Joseph Douglas

    BMAH launched with Mists. Not really sure it had as much affect of removing high amounts of gold from the game. After the initial excitement drifted off then players found other items to buy.

    Plus many of the items on the BMAH were for the higher gold making. Even 400,000+ wouldn’t buy the best of items on most servers. When high rare mounts were pushing a million gold.

    Garrisons are going to remove a lot of gold from the game because players will start small and want to build up more and more items to make them look cool.

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