Announcing the World of Warcraft Gold Survey 2013

It’s time again for the annual World of Warcraft Gold Survey (previously the World of Warcraft Wealth Survey)! This survey, now in it’s third year, aims to answer the question, How much gold does the average WoW player have? as well as provide some insight into what exactly the average player is. This year the survey runs from Monday October 28th (today) through Sunday, November 10, closing at midnight Eastern Time.

[important]You can find the survey at http://thegoldencrusade.net/survey/ it will only take a few minutes of your time[/important]

Each year garners more interest in the survey, and last year we had 11,344 participants. This year is particularly exciting not only because it will add a third data point, but it will be the first time we’ll have two data points in one expansion. It will also provide a better comparison to the first survey, as last years survey was done relatively soon after Mists of Pandaria’s release (while the 2011 survey was done when Cataclysm was mature).

A few small changes have been made with this year’s survey:

  • Now named the World of Warcraft Gold Survey to better represent it
  • A new question asking if you’ve taken this survey in previous years
  • A new question asking what region you play in
  • Added /r/WoWGoldMaking, /r/WoWEconomy, paid gold guides, the World of Warcraft Gold Making community on Google+, “Streams”, “Podcasts”, and “Twitter” to the list of resources used for gold making
  • New question asking what add-ons or services you use
  • Now asks about solo content (outside of a means to an ends) and levelling in addition to the question about Raiding, PvP, etc.

This year due to a few different factors I won’t be able to publish the report as quickly as I have the past two years, but I still hope to have the report done within a week of the survey closing. I’ll of course make a post here when the report is ready, and I’ll let people know on Twitter, Google+, and anywhere a link to this survey is posted.

As always, the key to getting reliable results is to get not only a lot of respondents, but a variety of respondents. To that end, I ask that if you can help spread the word about this survey, please do so. Whether it be a blog, Twitter, podcast, or even in your guild, your help spreading the word about this survey is much appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in the survey!

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