Community Blog Topic: My Favourite and Least Favourite Expansions

This week, Robin Torres of WoW Insider asks, What’s your most and least favorite expansions?

I am a Wrath baby; I didn’t even reach 80 for the first time until around the release of ICC. I can’ remember where exactly in the patch timeline I finally dinged 80, but I remember during a bit of my levelling experience in Northrend I had access to the Random Dungeon Finder. Those who are more timeline savvy may be able to figure out exactly when I dinged, I’m pretty sure I was 80 for Christmas (that sounds like a bad Christmas jingle).

Given that, I never got to experience The Burning Crusade while it was “content,” which was probably a good thing considering the 58-68 range is the part I dread most about levelling. Well, maybe right after the 50-58 range. It’s hard to decide. I can’t say I’ve hated any of the expansions I’ve actually played, so I’m going to give the Most Hated Expansion title to The Burning Crusade, because the parts of it I have experienced, I’ve hated.

Picking a favourite expansion is a bit more difficult. In terms of activity, I raided the most in Cataclysm, I was an active raider for 2 of the three tiers, while I was an active raider for only one of Wrath, and so far only one of Mists of Pandaria.

Out of all the expansions though, I must say that Northrend has some of my favourite scenery, especially Howling Fjord and the Grizzly Hills. It was also the first expansion I played in, and first expansion I raided in, so it will always hold a fond spot in my heart.

I know a lot of people didn’t like Cataclysm, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. As I’ve mentioned, I did most of my raiding in Cataclysm, and I was in Heroic raiding for both T11 and T12, which I had a blast in. Also, the Worgen were pretty cool (WE COULD HAVE NINJA WEREWOLVES), and let’s face us, Azeroth needed a bit of a facelift. Oh, and flying in Azeroth, that was a blessing.

While I haven’t played as much of Mists of Pandaria as the previous two expansions, I have still enjoyed what I have played of it quite a bit. The scenery in Pandaria is beautiful, there were a lot of quality of life changes brought around that were over due, and what raids I’ve participated in (I went 1/13H in ToT) were pretty cool. Plus, I think Monks are one of the coolest classes in the game, and Pandaren are one of my favourite races as well.

So this may sound a bit fanboy-ish, but I’ve loved every expansion I’ve played, and it’s way too hard to pick just one for the illustrious title of “Favourite Expansion.” I’m sad that Mists of Pandaria is drawing to a close, but I can’t wait to see what Blizzard has in store for us next.

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