Blog URL Change

Just a quick note that I’ve got a new domain for my blog, TheGoldenCrusade.net

The old domain should redirect until I figure out what to do with that domain (I’m thinking of splitting the non-WoW posts into a personal blog) but I’d appreciate it everyone updated their blog rolls/links/bookmarks to the new URL.

There was a few reasons for this change, the main being that I’ve moved to a new, and hopefully more reliable, web host and the new domain just made things easier, and made sense too (the domain name change was long overdue).

Note: If you’ve subscribed with my feedburner link, that hasn’t changed, I updated it on my end.

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Eric Dekker

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  1. Jim Younkin

    Congrats on the new URL. I’ve updated my blogroll as well as The Directory with your new info.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Ty kindly :)

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