20 Days of Gold Making: Day 13–What was You Biggest “Yay” Moment

While I can point to not one but many giant flops or failures in my gold making career, I find it much harder to point to any one “yay” moment. I mentioned back in Day 3 – What Were the First Techniques/Tricks/Tips You Used When Starting Out? that my first real flip was the Belt of the Lonely Noble, and honestly that transaction was what sprang to mind when I first checked what the topic of this blog article was supposed to be.

Long time readers know that I don’t flip, I much prefer the more steady manufacturing route to make gold. Similarly, I don’t bother with transmog either. I usually don’t do things like buying and selling guild banks, or other get rich quick “schemes” as it were (and for good reason).

That means I get a lot of smaller transactions, instead of fewer bigger transactions, so most of them wouldn’t stand out in my memory. That, and flipping the Belt of the Lonely Noble was my first real taste of gold making, so as a first it stands out more than anything else would.

I have had some good patch days, though to be honest I can’t remember which patch days. I think patches 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 were good for me, I was playing a fair bit around that time, and on a good server too. I can’t remember much though, so I suppose they don’t really count as “yay” moments.

Oh well.

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  1. Uniterguy

    Logging on to find 7 TCG mounts sold overnight, I was in a state of “WTF”

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