World of Warcraft Gold Making Google+ Community

Late last night I launched the WoW Gold Making Google+ Community as a place for those of interested in World of Warcraft’s economic side to congregate on Google+. I hope to turn this community into the Google+ equivalent of /r/WoWEconomy, I don’t want it turned into just a spammy stream of blog posts. But, I do realize people like to rely on things like this for their blog reading, so blog posts, streams, videos, etc., are all welcome in the community.

To keep things productive though, I’ve added the following categories to the community, and I will expect everyone to post to these appropriately:

  • Blogs
  • General
  • Help
  • News
  • Podcasts
  • Streams
  • Videos

“General” will be for, well, general stuff that doesn’t fit into the other categories. Feel free to post about your milestones, record sales, annoying competitors etc. here.

Here’s some ground rules so we don’t get off to a bad start and there are no misunderstandings:

  • Don’t be a dick
  • Keep everything within the Terms of Service for WoW and any other rules/guidelines for World of Warcraft of Blizzard
  • Keep everything Safe For Work / PG13.

I’m hoping this community blossoms into something awesome, because Google+ is such an awesome platform and it’s a pity we don’t take more advantage of it. So go check it out, join, and invite your fellow gold makers!

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  1. Reviamjolly

    So would that make the hangout at 18.00 GMT ?

    1. Eric Dekker


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