Obligatory Post About the Patch 5.4 PTR Notes

Obligatory post is obligatory.

So, not 24 hours after I talk about if Blizzard should merge servers, information comes flooding in about 5.4, among which is news about plans to merge servers in so called virtual servers. Which makes everything I said in that post wrong. Herp derp.

Read the PTR 5.4 Build 17056 notes here.

So what else is of interest to us in these notes?

All permanent item enhancements provided by Enchanting, Engineering, Leatherworking, Tailoring, and various vendors and quests are now able to be applied to items of any level. The effects of these enchantments will be scaled down to the level of the player using the item.

That’s a nice change, should provide a small increase to MoP enchants and kill the market for old world enchants. I don’t think many people get much gold out of such markets, but if you are, bail out now.

It looks like Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing are getting new PvP recipes, gated behind new daily cooldowns. I guess Blizzard like that in 5.2, and are repeating it this time.

I don’t foresee any major demand spikes outside of normal patch behaviour, the gating of the new PvP pieces are going to keep demand for their materials low and the crafted gear is going to be the same quality as current Honor gear, so there won’t be any large rush for these items.

So, until we get more information, business as usual.

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  1. Todd

    >>That’s a nice change, should provide a small increase
    >>to MoP enchants and kill the market for old world enchants.
    >>I don’t think many people get much gold out of such markets

    You might be amazed. There is a decent market for some of these enchants and the mats used to make them. One of the rare recipes that is targetted at this market is the Enchant Chest: Greater Stats. First copy I got was picked up in the AH for 25g just before MoP came out. I relisted it for 20kbid/40kBO and instantly had someone email me offering 16k and then someone took the bid for 20. In the end I cancelled it and learned it on my priest and have easily sold enough of the scrolls at 500-800g to cover the 20k I turned down. I bought another one a couple weeks back for 8k and turned around and listed it for 50k/75k and someone took the bid and got it for 50k (nice profit).

    So for myself and many others who play the recipe market, there are a few big hitters that this will really make suck. It will change it from a rare recipe not only for the completionist market and one that has practical value to completionist pricing only. So like you said, get out now :) And hopefully I can sell the 2 copies I have up for good prices before buyers find out that this is just a “fill in your list” recipe now.

    Then again, it depends how they scale things down.

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