The World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide has been Released

The World of Warcraft Gold Strategy GuideI’m pleased to announce that after nearly 10 months of work, the World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide, written by yours truly, has been published. The World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide is available both in print (paperback) and in various eBook formats (including on the Kindle). You can find the World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide at (but not limited too):

I wrote the guide for entry level gold makers, players that have played World of Warcraft and now want to make some serious gold, but don’t know where to start. The World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide is very much a beginners guide to gold making in World of Warcraft, but one that will set you up for the more advanced and nuanced aspects of gold making.

Any guide of this nature depends on being written for the latest content in a game like World of Warcraft that gets updated frequently. That said, when writing the book I strived to teach gold making in a way that will benefit you across multiple patches and expansions. The items may be named differently, but the actual techniques should prevail.

Examples of what are taught in this book (taken from the Packt Publishing site):

  • Create banking characters to manage your gold and inventory
  • Setup add-ons like TradeSkillMaster
  • Make gold using every profession in the game
  • Trade across factions
  • Profit from patch and expansion changes
  • Earn gold in everything you do in-game

I would like to thank everyone in the gold making community for the support, both with my book and my blog, and for the inspiration and drive for this book. I would also like to specifically thank the following individuals for their contributions reviewing this book:

There may be others I’ve missed, I wasn’t directly involved in recruiting most of the reviewers, and most names were stripped from the files I received. I apologize if I’ve left anyone off this list.

I’d also like to thank everyone at Packt Publishing for this opportunity and for all the work they put into getting this book published. The people at Packt put a lot of time and effort into publishing this book, and I wouldn’t have been able to produce a guide of this quality without them.

After working on this for nearly 10 months it seems weird that it’s finally finished, and I really hope players find it useful.

Finally, I have a favour to ask of anyone who purchases this book: review it. This is my first time being published or working on anything on this scale, so your feedback is greatly appreciate it. I hope to be able to update the guide when the next expansion rolls around, and your feedback can help me shape the content. Let me know what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you’d have liked to see.


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  1. no one

    There is no reason to ever PAY for a gold making guide. You can get every piece of information you could ever need from open sourced information.

  2. David Dillard

    I recently purchased your product and was disappointed. When reading the advertisement for your product, I was under the impression it was geared towards making gold. I found a lot of recipes, information on auctioneering add-ons, etc. No real secrets. I already utilize many of these techniques, but your publication has NOTHING for the advanced seller or gold maker. I found that, although well written, it had no advanced information.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I’m sorry you were disappointed. As I mentioned, the guide was written with entry level players in mind, and while I tried to get into more advanced topics, there wasn’t a whole lot of room for them after the basic and entry level content.
      Another issue is that gold making is pretty over-saturated with information, there’s nothing really new at this point in an expansion.

  3. Shaft

    CONGRATULATIONS man how cool is it to get have your book published already. I hope to one day though as a work of fiction not necessarily a game guide. I’m sure it is fine but as you say there is such a proliferation of gold making guides that it will be hard to please everyone.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Thanks! I don’t think I’d be able to write a good work of fiction, I’m just not creative enough. However, I’d definitely think about writing more in non-fiction, hopefully once I’m done my degree and have some experience in my field.

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