Barrier to Entry

Barrier to entry is a term I’ve thrown around before, but I have never actually done a post about it, so I figured I’d take care of that now.

What is a barrier to entry? Well, Wikipedia defines Barrier(s) to Entry as:

In theories of competition in economics, barriers to entry, also known as barrier to entry, are obstacles that make it difficult to enter a given market. The term can refer to hindrances a firm faces in trying to enter a market or industry – such as government regulation, or a large, established firm taking advantage of economies of scale – or those an individual faces in trying to gain entrance to a profession – such as education or licensing requirements.

As an entrenched gold maker barrier to entry will be your best friend. They’re what keep the unwashed masses out of our markets. Well, in theory at least. In practice, they’re not the most difficult barriers to over come. The real barrier to entry in most cases is a player’s laziness, how much effort they put into professions. But, none the less, those barriers are there. Let’s see what barriers to entry gold makers face shall we?

Reputation Rewards

Professions famous for this:

In my opinion this is one of the most annoying things about these professions, if you want to use them effectively on alts you need to play these alts. I know why Blizzard does it, but regardless it still annoys me, especially since they’re not the best gold makers to begin with. Professions like this that require reputation with certain factions to create most of their top recipes are best suited on characters that you play frequently. If you place them on an alt that sits derelict in a city getting no attention except to craft, you’re not going to get much use out of them. At least, not as much use as a player who has them on a main character would.

Raid/Random Drops

Professions famous for this:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring

Again, it’s always the crafting professions that seem to be penalized for not being places on main characters. Sometimes these patterns are BoE, but other times you’re out of luck if you’re not in end-game content with the characters you have these professions on. Again, the advantage goes to the player that has these on their main character(s).

Daily Research/Discoveries

Professions famous for this:

  • Inscription
  • Blacksmithing
  • Alchemy

Ahh Inscription, the profession that has quickly become the bane of my gold making existence. Right now in, according to WoWhead, there are 406 glyphs in-game. Of those 406 glyphs, only 166 (or 41%) are taught by a trainer, the rest are daily researches or the like. 37 glyphs are taught by the Scroll of Wisdom research, 54 are taught by Book of Glyph Mastery, 63 are taught by the Minor Inscription Research, and 75 are taught by Northrend Inscription research. What this means is it takes 75 days of doing your research to learn every glyph available. Blacksmiths have it a bit better, they only need to create Lightning Steel Ingot once per day for 38 days to get their full suite of craftable items. And alchemists have it best, most of their recipes are learned by discoveries you get when crafting other items, they’re not even on a daily cooldown. The only reprieve scribes (and alchemists I guess) get is that they don’t need to be on a main character to be used effectively.

How You Can Take Advantage of This

Don’t be lazy. Yup, that’s pretty much it. These barriers to entry aren’t particularly difficult, you just have to remember to do them. Once you’ve done these, especially the daily research ones, you’ve got an advantage over any player just entering the market.

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  1. charlie

    The only daily I can do is tillers, I missed out on all the enchanting dailys to get the high end enchants like River Song (which is my favorite named enchant for doctor who).
    I now have 6 90s, and 2 85s.
    I do not think I can do the enchanting dailies.
    I just can’t at this point. Yes its lazy, but trust me, I am playing at least 40 hours a week on wow…its enough.

    1. Eric Dekker

      I really hope it’s a reference to River Song, I lover her, my favourite supporting character

  2. Kamalia

    When I was skilling up my Scribe through Pandaria, I made a list of all the glyphs relevant to each of my characters. I further went through and highlighted the glyphs that originally came from Books of Glyph Mastery. Each day, I ticked off from my lists the new glyph that I learned from my Scroll of Wisdom research. I was quite relieved that I was able to learn all the Book of Glyph Mastery glyphs that I didn’t have yet from doing Scrolls of Wisdom!

    1. Eric Dekker

      I still haven’t learned all the glyphs -.- Every now and then I remember to do my research, but I don’t think I’ve used a book of glyph mastery since WotLK

  3. Sould

    The rep grind is nothing new, sadly. Refer to any engineer and the Sons of Hodir grind for the choppers. I would also say that while glyphs are slow, inscription is still a valid moneymaker. I’m a newer goblin, but went from 20 gold to 100K gold in one month on one server mainly due to my scribe recently.

    1. Eric Dekker

      What kind of server are you on? High/Medium/Low pop?

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