What’s Up With Lightning Steel Ingot?

So there was a lot of hype pre patch about the Lightning Steel Ingot and the Lightning Forge. It seems like everyone was stocking up on Ghost Iron Ore and Ghost Iron Bars for the big boom when patch 5.2 dropped (not only from the Lightning Steel Ingots though, a lot of it was because of the Blacksmith levelling changes). Personally, I didn’t bother doing any preparation for patch 5.2. Not from some expert insight or intense research, heck I didn’t even think much about the upcoming patch. No, it was pure apathy that kept me from doing any stockpiling this patch.

I saw an ever so slight jump in Ghost Iron Ore prices after the patch, though nothing ground breaking. Most of the bump in demand can be attributed to regular patch shenanigans, new gear means more people need to get gear gemmed and enchanted.

Anyways, so after my realm got the Thunder Forge I decided to check out what the hype was all about.

I was disappointed.

The way it works is there are three tiers of weapons, each successive tier requiring the previous tier as an upgrade. It’s like upgrading the weapons, but since they’re Bind on Equip you’ll need to buy a new one if you equip it.  They also take a crap ton of resources (a metric crap ton for those asking). Here’s the mats for each tier of weapon, along with their item level

Tier iLvl Lightning Steel Ingot Living Steel Spirit of Harmony
1 463 5 2-3 3
2 476 10 4-6 6
3 502 15 6-9 9

The 502 number comes from the Dragonstrike, Reborn data on WoWHead. Also according to that information, these will be upgradable under the new upgrade system for Patch 5.3 meaning they could be brought up to an item level of 510 for a 500 Valor. While by no means top of the line, they will be the highest item level weapon you will be able to buy with gold.

It seems that most people are drooling over these for their models, as their remakes of, apparently, classic weapons from WoW’s past that are no longer available. I’m not much into transmogrification, nor have I been playing long enough to have seen the original weapons, so I just have to take other peoples word on this that these are cool weapons.

I am not too sure what will happen with these weapons. I think these weapons, specifically the final weapons in the chain, will be incredibly valuable, both for their item levels and for their looks, the cool factor if you will. But, with the amount of time and resources it takes to make these weapons, I really doubt the market will be there to make these profitable. I see these weapons mostly going to the cutting edge raiders who are down on their luck with weapon drops, and deep pocket people who likewise haven’t been very lucky with weapon drops, or want their characters too look as good as possible (assuming these weapons have transmog value).

Am I going to be making one? Most likely. I’m currently sporting a 476 staff on my main, so assuming I can find an offhand to go with it by the time I can craft the final weapon I’ll be using it. I might even keep it afterwards for transmog. But in terms of profit, I highly doubt it will be worth my time to sell it. All in all I am very disappointed with the results of all this hype.

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  1. Hagu

    Remember that you will end up with 39 LSI when you discover all the BS patterns. There is nothing else that uses LSI. So making some weapons to recover some of the sunk cost is not unreasonable. But unless you are really into transmog, these are disappointing and overhyped.

    1. Eric Dekker

      That’s a fair point, I had completely overlooked the discovery aspect of Lightning Steel Ingot

  2. Solidus

    We are on the same realm. If you recall there was a big spike in GIO prices after the cgf bans. The prices have not resettled. If anything prices are kept up because you can now level BS with GIB.

    Anyhow I plan to save 30 LSI and either make a big 502 sale or two 476s. The beauty of it is that if you don’t craft something right away you’re very flexible. Hopefully I am the first in the realm to make that 502 for ideally 100k.

    1. Eric Dekker

      Well I haven’t changed my purchase prices for GIO since before the patch, so that’s what I was going on. And any spike would have been cause of those bans, not because of the patch changes

  3. jonathan

    I have had the 2h Axe on the AH now for about 5 days and not a single bite. Started up at 35k and been slowing dropping it, now at 20k, and still nothing.

    The thing is they are not amazing models really, they do not stand out hugely so for transmog they are ‘not that’ great.

    1. Eric Dekker

      That doesn’t sound very encouraging at all :( Like I said I’ll probably just end up making the one and using it myself. I need the daily research anyways

  4. jimmyolsenblues

    You know what makes me mad.
    Is I making my lightning steel cool down every day.
    I get a 458 recipe.
    Good luck naming these items.
    I understand the decision was made to make class specific items.
    Well that’s just fine. But name them completely differently.
    The head piece for a dps pallidan.
    Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Scaled Helm
    The head piece for a dps warrior
    Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Plate Helm
    The head piece for a dps Death knight
    Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Dreadplate Helm

    That is stupid..Its stupid to organize, the default crafting window..is not long enough to properly show each name.

    Do they just want to screw with us Goblins/Auctioneers?
    Do they entirely just want to make it harder to organize our markets?

    1. Eric Dekker

      Don’t you do your crafting through TSM? That’s what I do, I don’t even usually pay attention to what I craft haha

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