20 Days of Gold Making: Day 10–Do You Farm Materials? Why? Why Not? And Which Ones, Where?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this many times before not only on this blog, but on my Twitter and on /r/WoWEconomy as well, but I hate farming. Hate it hate it hate it. Always have, probably always will.

It always has just seemed like too much work, and usually for too little reward. It’s not just in gold making I have this issue either, anything that might be considered farming I hate. Like dailies, especially the original batch of Mists of Pandaria dailies. Hate them.

I haven’t run the numbers this expansion, but there’s usually better ways to make gold than any kind of farming. While I’ve discussed before how Gold per Hour is hard to quantify for anything other than farming, it’s safe to say that farming yields the lowest gold for your effort.

That being said, I have been using the actual farm in game, Sunsong Ranch that is. As I mentioned a little while ago I’ve been slacking this expansion, I don’t even have one raid ready character. So to catch up on things like reputations I’ve been doing the work orders at Sunsong Ranch. Once I’ve caught up with my reputations I’ll just be planting Songbell Seeds to get as many Spirit of Harmony as possible. Even though it’s at a farm it’s not really farming, but I thought I’d mention it anyways.

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  1. Martin

    With the exception of my 5 16-plot Sunsong ranches, I generally do not farm for materials. The only time will be when materials are in short supply on the Auction House or when the prices are ridiculously high. I find it incredibly boring and time consuming. There are a lot more aspects to the game that are much more enjoyable.

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