Monthly Archive: March 2013

Weekend? What Weekend?


This is just a bit of a life update, so feel free to skip this, it’s pretty boring, writing crap down just helps organize my thoughts. As the title suggest, I don’t have much of a weekend. I spent several hours today at the college helping out with the college’s preview day, and am going …

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20 Days of Gold Making: Day 10–Do You Farm Materials? Why? Why Not? And Which Ones, Where?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this many times before not only on this blog, but on my Twitter and on /r/WoWEconomy as well, but I hate farming. Hate it hate it hate it. Always have, probably always will. It always has just seemed like too much work, and usually for too little reward. It’s not …

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Check Out The New TSM Theme I Designed – The Functional Gold Maker

Last month Sapu, Lead Developer of TradeSkillMaster, held a contest to decide what the next TSM preset theme would be for TSM. The results were announced last week and my entry, The Functional Gold Maker, won first place! Here was my entry: With version 1.6 of TradeSkillMaster The Functional Gold Maker is now a preset …

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