The Golden Crusade Shuffler Has Been Updated to V1.0.0–Release

The Golden Crusade Shuffler has been updated to V1.0.0. and has been brought out of the beta. Changes in this version include:

  • Added support for the Ironpaw Shuffle
  • Added Spirit of Harmony Optimizer
  • Added support for Trillium Ore (both Black Trillium Ore and White Trillium Ore)
  • Changed how the spreadsheet uses your enchanting materials – the spreadsheet now assumes you will try to use up all your enchanting materials, and if you run out will buy what you are missing
  • Minor bug fixes

With the merging of the Spirit of Harmony Optimizer into the Shuffler spreadsheet, the standalone Spirit of Harmony Optimizer spreadsheet has been discontinued. This latest version of The Golden Crusade Shuffler has all the features of the standalone, except with integration into the rest of the system. The benefit of this move is now there is only one spreadsheet to maintain and keep updated The Undermine Journal data for.

Another change in how the Shuffler now operates is how it treats conversion of Enchanting materials. The conversion now assumes that you will attempt to use up all the produce enchanting materials, converting Spirit Dust to Mysterious Essence, and Mysterious Essence into Ethereal Shard. This conversion also only applies when you’re using the main Shuffler tab in addition to using the Enchanting tab. Using one without the other will not trigger the conversions, and you can continue to use the Enchanting tab without the main features of the Shuffler tab.

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